[Trans] 130428 INFINITE – Twitter Updates


Gyu Hyungnim Happy Birthday


ㅋㅋㅋ Gyu’s day~.~ Let’s live with a quite luxuriously~!!! Life will become precious when it passed Euheuheu Life is a party


Sunggyu Hyung~! Happy Birthday~♥♥♥ Always has power as Leader Gyu-nim~! I love you~+_+♥♥ I’ll give a selca as a gift Hehe


I congratulate the birthday of the cutie Gyu-nim who is 30 years old if you round up. Now since your age is just as much at the point, I have something to ask of you! Although I am grateful for you, sir, please refrain from doing cute things now… These are my royal favors


Thank you my friends Infinite! But I’ll always be your cute leader


Sunggyu-ya Happy birthday~^^ Infinite’s Leader LeaderGyu!!


Thank you Infinite friends!!^^ Except L

Ah right ^^ Except Namu (Woohyun) too


Heol… Sorry, I made a mistake it should be 휘황찬란하게! hahaha!;;;;;; it feels so hot today hahahahahaha

? Nicholas?

Its Jyang (Jang) Nicholas ! Because today is hyung’s day, its a day to forgive everything heuheu


Congratulation of your half of 50 years old, see you on stage


Thank you for fans who congratulate Gyu gyung for his bday kk I upload a selca because I’m so grateful ~ Gyu hyung makes us happy. k ukikik haalg ugelgel

Source: Infinite member’s Twitter accounts

Translations by: Infinite7Facts, INFINITE7SOUL


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