[Vid] 120808 INFINITE – ‘That Summer’ Concert

Full – Part 1


Full – Part 2


INFINITE Indoor Camping Cuts – Part 1

INFINITE Indoor Camping Cuts – Part 2

Myungsoo cheating on Sungyeol with Woohyun Cuts

INFINITE Q&A with Myungsoo Cuts

Woohyun’s muscle Cuts

Talk + White Confession Cuts

With/Surprise + Ending 17min. Cuts

Hoya and Seo Inguk Cuts

Hoya Dance Lesson Cuts

Hoya Interview Cuts

Final Message with Tasty and Seo Inguk Cuts

Hoya talks about Seo Inguk and “Reply 1997″ Cuts

Concert Making Film (27min.) – Part 1

Concert Making Film (27min.) – Part 2

INFINITE talks about hardships Cuts

INFINITE talks about becoming singers Cuts

INFINITE Childhood Dreams Cuts

Credits: thechasers7, mysunshinee27, 1004subs.blogspot.com, ifntlemontree.tumblr.com, finitemobius, ImYourNutella, nambrows via smb2stfinitesubs


6 thoughts on “[Vid] 120808 INFINITE – ‘That Summer’ Concert

    • juvedelin says:

      You’re welcome~~ ♥ BTW, I didn’t upload the videos. I just shared them here. ^^ These are the available links for the moment. Other videos will be uploaded soon by our sources. Will update this post as soon as the videos will be available. 🙂

    • juvedelin says:

      Eng subs for this post? I believe the videos above are already eng subbed by the uploader – except for the cuts and the making.

  1. KoolAsher says:

    Thank You for posting.. I hope someone will upload other clips, songs from the concert. It would be great if you can share it with us.. ^_______^
    Gomawo! 🙂

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