[Pic/Trans] 130515 INFINITE L – Bravo Viewtiful Prologue

While I was getting ready for an outdoors broadcast, I once felt the rustling wind, and made eye contact with the sky as I lifted my head. “Ring, ring~” I ignored my smartphone that had been ringing, and opened my mouth to breathe in the fresh air. As I did so, it felt as if all the toxins hiding in my body were escaping.

How many times in life will I be able to open my heart that has been closed tightly and meet “myself” with “memories and longing” tightly in my fist…in a world where I am not the controller, but a slave to time? As a celebrity, I had a wish that I wanted to communicate with the world as a “normal guy in his 20’s, sharing his day-to-day, immature life”… Not as Infinite’s “L”.

The official time when I got a DSLR in my hands was after getting my first down payment on my contract. I bought it with excitement in my trainee years. I really loved being in both sides of the camera ever since I was young, and so having the very thing that I have been wanting very much right in my hands, I didn’t know what to do first or what to start, so I decided to use it as an equipment to organize my daily life;a type of “diary” I can make notes on. Even if a little bit of time was available, I would find myself going out with it to take pictures, and it became a time when I could enjoy myself, making a space of my own. I think it’s about time that I release to the public another “L— Myungsoo”… the pictures and messages that have helped me in organizing my thoughts in this very dizzy world.

In this (book), I want to show my true self, surpassing those of the five senses and appealing to the true feelings. I hope that this book really soothes somebody in a world that is used to comfortability, therefore prone to tiredness and depression, vanity and weakness, and from all the pressures of competition which tire and hurt the mind and body. Right now, the reason why we are together at this very moment, you and I, is because this is our valuable time together.

Being able to record my environment with leisure is like blowing a breath of hope into a flower that had not been able to bloom. The streets that I daily walk through or the repetitive street signs I see, look like signs and ways pointing to success, and sometimes I choke with on-coming tears when I see scattered footprints printed on the beach. If through this book of time, one can be comforted in a time of distress… may one tear of happiness be a drop of sparkling delight.

-L (A child writing a diary with pictures)

Credits: jjangddongwoo


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