[Info] 130614 INFINITE 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ Dates & Venues

Seoul, South Korea
Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium

Hong Kong
Asia World Expo Arena

Jakarta, Indonesia
Mata Elang International Stadium Ancol

Fukuoka, Japan
Marine Messe

Hiroshima, Japan
Sun Plaza Hall

Kobe, Japan
Kobe world

Yokohama, Japan
Yokohama Arena

Bangkok, Thailand
Thunderdome Stadium

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Taipei, Taiwan
XinZhuang Gymnasium

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Stadium Negara

Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou International Sports & Arts Center

Shanghai, China
Shanghai Grand Stage

Manila, Philippines
Smart Araneta Coliseum

Los Angeles
Nokia Theatre LA Live

San Jose, California
Event Center, San Jose State University

Fairfax, Virginia
Fillmore Theatre

New York
Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center Studio

London Eventim Apollo


Dubai, UAE
Sheikh Rashid Hall


If the OGS country is not embedded with a link, it will automatically mean that there is no Official announcement from Woollim Label yet. OGS countries with links will redirect you to our posts regarding information about the concert in that particular country (Official poster, ticketing info, Seat plan, etc). Additional link is given to the post if ever Official Merch is available on that concert.

Comment below OR mention us on Twitter for your questions. 🙂

Info compiled by: juvedelin | infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


74 thoughts on “[Info] 130614 INFINITE 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ Dates & Venues

  1. You Are Caught says:

    i hope you did not create those fake accounts of the members on Facebook. that’s not what we INSPIRITS do. i don’t mind if you mention it as a fan account but stating that it is OFFICIAL, you are confusing other INSPIRITS. pls remove them.

    • juvedelin says:

      Chingoo, FYI we didn’t create those accounts. It wasn’t our intention to “confuse” other Inspirits. But if you asked us to remove it, okay then~ Sorry for our incompetence. We’ll work harder in the future. 🙂

  2. Mary Merdette Sibayan says:

    why they are not having the concert here in the philippines ?TT_TT they already have a concert here in the philippines last january (the dream kpop fantasy concert), why they are not having a concert here in the philippines?

      • Kristine says:

        I like that you are very optimistic. I seriously cried when they announced they wont be performing here anytime soon. But I hope they do next year! 🙂 I miss GYU!

  3. Yunie says:

    Vietnamese Inspirit really want INFINITE to have a concert in Vietnam 😦 why don’t they have concert in Vietnam 😦

  4. InfinitizedInspirit says:


  5. gyugeegee says:

    hopes that OGS in Manila will never be a dream for us Filipino Inspirits..
    i really like to see sunggyu again this year..
    the TBA at the bottom of Manila | 131103 | will be erased and changed to the venue for OGS ~ keke..
    crossfingers ^^

    • Bella says:

      I’m going toooo!!!! Do you know where to get the tickets? I usually live in the US, but I’m visiting my grandparents in Germany so I have no idea where to get the tickets, or where to look for the tickets. Thanks!!! 🙂

    • juvedelin says:

      In the future maybe. HAHAHA. There’s always time for everything dear. ^^ Dun lose hope, they’ll visit there someday. 🙂

  6. Lacey Bonner (@LoveSS501PJM) says:

    How do you know they are coming to Washington DC? I live here and it’d be a dream for them to come but I haven’t found anything on INFINITE’s official facebook page about Washington DC. I’m worried I’ll get my hopes up and then be disappointed…

    • juvedelin says:

      Tbh we found this picture with the new list of Infinite’s World Tour venues. It has already been scattered all over Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and other SNS. YET, there’s no confirmation about it yet. For now, we’ll have to wait for further announcements. Follow us on Twitter > @ifnt_chinggyu for daily updates. 🙂

    • juvedelin says:

      There’s no confirmation yet chingoo. We’re still waiting for further announcements from Woollim. 🙂 Follow us on Twitter > @ifnt_chinggyu for daily updates.


    Will you be announcing when the NY tickets will be selling and at which vendor, I really want to go but have no idea where I should keep looking to get updated about the tickets >w<.

    • juvedelin says:

      Of course of course ^^ HAHA. We always keep this post as updated as possible for the viewers. You can just bookmark this post or follow us on Twitter for fresh updates ▶ @ifnt_chonggyu ..

    • juvedelin says:

      I don’t think there’s an age limit. Depends if you’re someone who still needs guidance. HAHA 🙂 But to be safe, be with someone older or just a same-aged friend.


    Hello again ^^, I’m kind of confused about the INFINITE Official Merchandise…do you think you can explain to me about it and how to get it? Thank you ❤

    • juvedelin says:

      The Official Merchandises are sold on the day and on the venue of the concert. That is the only way you can purchase the goods …. UNLESS people bought it in bulk and are selling them for the same or much higher price BUT I doubt it cos it’ll be somewhat unfair. 🙂

    • juvedelin says:

      Nokia Theatre didn’t inform about it yet. They announced last week that it’ll be postponed till further notice. 🙂 Dun worry, I’ll keep this post updated as soon as available. Follow us on Twitter > @ifnt_chinggyu for daily updates. 🙂

  9. Pam says:

    hey would going to china be easy? i’m sure they wont be here but we can go see them right? is there any news how much the ticket costs? and where exactly and when the tickets will sold out in Beijing? do you know?

    • juvedelin says:

      Whoah. HAHA. I’ll answer them one by one okay. 😀

      “hey would going to china be easy?” – Depends which country you cam from. But of course it’s easy UNLESS you don’t have parent’s consent. 🙂

      “i’m sure they wont be here but we can go see them right?” – OF COURSE! Why not? Inspirits are always welcome to go to the concert regardless of which country you came from and how many times you already watched the concert. 😀

      “and where exactly and when the tickets will sold out in Beijing? do you know?” – There isn’t any announcement from ticketing hotlines and from Woollim yet. We’re still waiting for their official announcements. 🙂

    • juvedelin says:

      There’s a picture with the new list of Infinite’s World Tour venues. It has already been scattered all over Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and other SNS.

  10. Jesse says:

    I’m waiting for the updates on the Dubai concert ;/ I’m from another country so it’s really hard to make sure of everything. I don’t want to book plane tickets to find out that the concert is cancelled ㅠㅠ If anyone gets any information about the concert please contact me. Email: jesselee910@gmail.com

  11. Inspirit076202 says:

    Actually, I wanna know when this tour will end – I hope INFINITE makes their comeback soon, I’m so impatient T_T. Well, OGS in Manila was great, and I guess it was as great in the other countries, so I’m sure the fans were pleased,…. but I want them to make their comeback soon!!!!! So, will Dubai really be the last concert?????

      • Inspirit076202 says:

        I’m hungry for more songs. Although I just started being a fan last May, I already listened to ALL of their songs and I want MORE.
        Well, that’s what INFINITE does, they make you want MORE.
        Oho, maybe our leader Gyu will make a solo comeback, hmmm.

      • juvedelin says:

        HAHAHA I know how you feel chingoo! XD but you know, there will always be time for everything. Let’s just hope for the best and let’s keep on supporting them~~! ♥

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