[Fantaken] 130809~130810 INFINITE – 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ in Seoul (Part 1)



For more pictures, download file here.

Credits:ombm0609, spotlight0428, pagiking, hoya_macaron, loeyeolcom, PurpleWoohyun, temperature313, L_aile_com, monodrama_, only__K, wh_number, lkimfannet, springrain_dw, No_doubt1, turningpoint428, inthesnow_net, wh_honeytree, infinite_namuel, Goodnight_L, strawgyu, hogam1991, CharmingWOO_, Runaway_LS, 7way_, namkatsu0208, happy__woo, ps_lovely, whoops_wings, yellowishgreenbear, _wh0208, Mignon_miel, you_smiling, babybell_sj, lollypolly_SJ, 04280328_com, 8Kyuzizi8, burning_hoya, hi_lkim, douhealme, pic_perfect7, Oriental_Storm, 910208_910328, Gyummit, FocusL0313,930903_com, blissout_0827, planetarium0903, madeinL, Liebling_Hyun, 910827_sy, around_yeol, 100609_net, Romano_sysj, beloved_dw, peace1122, bliss0313, hyunee, clarysage0903, journey919293, evolution, butter_yilin, leadergyu_com, lee yunduo, kyuloveme, fallin-love0313, hi-wh, wowwh_kyuzizi, ifnt_school

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

P.S. 20 pictures in this post are used as previews. DL Link is provided in order for you to have all the other pictures. You’re welcome. 🙂


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