[Info] 130817 Naver Starcast: Infinite Tour Note – After Seoul Performance by Sunggyu


Hi, everyone! It’s Sung-kyu, the leader of INFINITE.
It’s already been a wee since INFINITE embarked on its first world tour! Tomorrow the team is going to have a performance in Hong Kong.
INFINITE’s Tour Note will be revealed one-by-one through Naver Entertainment Star Cast.
And I, Sung-kyu, came to start off the series with a comment about the Seoul performance. I still feel nervous, even as I am writing comments about the performance because it has been some time since the team gave a performance. I will tell you about our first, albeit small, steps into our great journey.

Waiting Room, 20 Minutes Till The Concert

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It’s INFINITE’s waiting room, 20 minutes before the performance. You might think that the waiting room may be rather raucous when you think of INFINITE.
Actually, you are right! We’re very loud. All seven of us relieve stress in different ways so the staffs always have to scream in the waiting room for us to hear them.
To look back, I think the members were especially nervous at this performance because it’s our first world tour.

World Tour Opening + Intro + Destiny

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Finally! We took our first, albeit small, step! Wow! Even through the pictures, the scene looks great! INFINITE always prepares the most on the first appearance on its concert. It is followed by the new album’s title song ‘Destiny’!
At first, I was quite out of my mind, so much so that I can’t really remember how I performed my vocals, because I was blown away by the number of people at the stadium.

Tic Toc + Paradise

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Following ‘Destiny’ were the less known but great songs ‘TIC TOC’ and ‘PARADISE’. Actually, prior to the concert, when the members and I were looking over the songs to perform, we decided we would go strong and fierce from the beginning! Towards the middle of ‘PARADISE’, I found myself gasping for breath.
Still the photos look awesome. The proper way to sing ‘PARADISE’ is definitely by stripping off your clothes!

Wings + Inception + Can U Smile + Going To You

Actually the theme of this performance was to breathe the same air as the audience instead of relying on other equipments. As I stepped forward while singing the song ‘Wing’, I became truly excited as I saw so many of our fans. Every time I do a performance, I feel that INFINITE improves little by little. More significantly, I think our fans are learning how to really enjoy performances. There you go!

That Year’s Summer + I Like You

After the individual performances of the INFINITE members, we came back as a group again. We decided to edit ‘That Year’s Summer’ which goes so well with summer break. I felt healed by the fans as they looked so happy, singing along as if on a real holiday.

During the ‘I Like You’ stage, the members flew the paper planes that had our signatures on them, I hope those who did not get one did not feel too upset. Next time around, we’ll fly even more paper planes!

Still I Miss You + Mother

It was the only ballad song throughout the concert. During the song ‘Mother’ we played the video we created containing our childhood images.
Some of the fans looked really motherly as they were looking at our images! I saw it all!

Like the lyrics, go ahead and say ‘I love you’ to your parents before it’s too late!
I love you Mom & Dad!

Come Back Again + With

An encore stage followed after the entire program was finished.
I don’t recall exactly when but, our fans started to shout ‘Come Back Again’, our debut song, so we came back and sang ‘Come Back Again’!
Like Dong-woo said, how can we ignore the calls for us to come back again?


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Finally, INFINITE’s first world tour performance ‘One Great Step’ came to a close. I still feel touched when I see this picture. I feel like we’ve received a huge gift from the many fans that were there. Thank you so much.

When approximately 5 thousand fans held up the sign saying ‘We’ll Wait For You INFINITE’, Dong-woo and Sung-yeol burst into tears.

Through this series, I would like to express my gratitude once again for giving us an unforgettable memory.

We will come back improved after 30 or so performances of the world tour that remain! Thank you so much.

2013.08.10 An Unforgettable Day From Kim Sung-kyu

By: Sunggyu

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “[Info] 130817 Naver Starcast: Infinite Tour Note – After Seoul Performance by Sunggyu

  1. gyugeegee says:

    thanks so much for the post…
    this~> “Like the lyrics, go ahead and say ‘I love you’ to your parents before it’s too late!
    I love you Mom & Dad!”
    he really loves his parents so much that he even mentioned them here ♥

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