[Info] 130910 Naver Starcast: Infinite Tour Note – Jakarta landing operation by Dongwoo


On August 31, 2013, we are headed to Jakarta.

We finished the Hong Kong concert successfully. A short break ended. The Jakarta concert was to begin in two days.

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This is INFINITE waiting at Incheon International Airport to leave for Jakarta. We turned back to just young people again!

A fan gave it to him as a present. Ho-ya says thanks!
I say HO!

The three ‘sunglass brothers’ are enjoying a mobile game during a short spare time.

Woo-hyun shows a V finger sign as soon as he sees a camera. He checks if his picture is flattering. He does not send a heart sign. His heart is stolen. 

INFINITE’s love for music continues on an airplane. What kind of music are they listening to? Maybe INFINITE’s next album?

We held a press conference to promote the Jakarta concert. It is the third concert following Seoul and Hong Kong. Still, we cannot help but be nervous. But we are not worried a lot since our INSIPIRIT always supports us behind. Then, shall we see the pictures from the press conference?

As soon as we entered the venue, a flood of camera flashes were thrown onto us. INFINITE members are busy saying hello to them and posing for photographers. INFINITE calmly answered the questions from reporters. I am proud of them. Particularly, Woo-hyun sang a children’s song of Indonesia. Reporters passionately responded to him with great cheers and showed great interest in him.

The Jakarta concert begins soon. Before the show, INFINITE members stay at a waiting room. Now you will be able to imagine what our members will be doing at the waiting room. In fact, a waiting room is about 100 times more noisy and lively than I showed you in the previous report. As INIFNITE, more loudly, more lively, and more energetically! Let’s let our youth burn!

For another world tour show, the Jakarta concert, let’s go!

We are already in the third country for the world tour. At first, we started with half fear and half excitement.

Now, however, we are full of excitement thanks to those who always welcome and support us. We will always try hard to let many people see us and to do music enjoy by a wider range of generations until anyone can find INFINITE’s music enjoyable!

Some staff members who help us a lot behind the stage are suffering from illnesses even when this is the early stage of the world tour. We will do our best to make your efforts meaningful. Please do not be sick.

Go, the INFINITE World Tour team! I love you!

Bonus! This is a letter from Jang Dong-woo.

This is a letter form Dong-woo only recognizable by INFINITE fans. The following is the interpretation for many more people.

We had a great time of interaction with INFINITE fans in Hong Kong, the first country of our World Tour concert ‘OGS’ (one great step). We were full of excitement and a sense of anticipation since it was our first step to let our music know as part of K-pop. I am really happy that we safely finished our first World Tour concert.

We spent more time on stage since we visited Hong Kong for a concert, but we have an opportunity to think about Hong Kong’s concert culture, food, and everything once more.

In fact, it was our second visit to Hong Kong, but it was first for INFINITE’s solo concert. I did not expect that thousands of INSPIRIT would be waiting for us. I was moved.

We will be a half of INSPIRIT with INFINITE-style music and a humble attitude.

Please always watch us and give us a lot of support, love, and objective feedback!

INFINITE + INSPIRIT = I will always see you with a feeling and an attitude to start everything from the beginning. I think that this attitude enables us to be happy and cheerful. ‘OGS’ kicked off in a blessing thanks to you all. Let’s go!

Written by Dong-woo from INFINITE
Photograph from Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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