[Info] 130910 Naver Starcast: Infinite Tour Note – We are in Hong Kong! by Dongwoo


Hello. This is Dong-woo, the second oldest member of INFINITE! I am in Hong Kong now! I will show you the waiting room for our concert ‘One Great Step’ held in a heated atmosphere!

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Following Sung-kyu, I am going to introduce you to our concerts in Hong Kong and Jakarta. I am very nervous to write to you about the concerts.

I thought about what to write about to give you more fun except for about the concerts, and decided to release the pictures from behind the stage, which all fans are curious about!

Are you excited? Just follow me~ Come in~!

Our waiting room

In fact, we usually scramble into a waiting room of a strange concert hall to settle ourselves into a certain space to stay comfortable. We relieved our nervousness at a corner of the waiting room before the rehearsal. This is a space for Woo-hyun. 
Woo-hyun was spotted engrossed in playing a game on a bet to gain a chance to use our CEO’s credit card.

It takes a long time for all seven members to check details during a rehearsal. We wait for one another while playing a game. We especially enjoy a game on a bet with our agency’s CEO! Well, I cannot tell you the scores. Does Woo-hyun’s smile mean that he won? Well, the result is~~?

“I won! I won!” Can you hear Woo-hyun shouting?!
He is such a man. He is cool. Now he owns the ‘Land’ card!

Woo-hyun immediately takes the credit card! Letting go of his credit card, the CEO says, “Woo…..hyun? What.. what are you going to buy with it?”

This is Woo-hyun’s V finger sign showing his victory! However!
After the concert, Woo-hyun was threatened by the other members to buy ice cream for them with the credit card. Haha!

Then, what are the other members doing? The youngest member Sung-jong is making a toast for stamina. For your information, it is Lee Sung-jong who always eats away snacks in INFINITE. He has this mysterious ability to have a snack every five minutes.

The toast with jam! I like it very much. I will have a bite. I can feel Sung-jong’s sincere heart for me from the toast.

The tasty Sung-jong-style toast with strawberry jam full of love!
Just a little is left and Sung-kyu smelled it and ran to eat it. He had a bite since he is precious! His charisma is damaged by the bread?

OK! Shall we visit other rooms now?

Our staff members

YES~! Let me introduce the key figures of INFINITE’s world tour to you.
This is Dong-min, who became shy at the sight of the camera, is our choreographer. ADDM! He created the choreography for Be Mine, BTD, and Destiny. He is an indispensable person for us.

This is ‘TEAM OF ADDM’ led by Dong-min. We have been together with this team for a long time. Let’s have fun with confidence during the rest of the word tour schedule!

This is our beloved INFINITE band! ‘INFINITE B!’
We cannot talk about a concert without mention these people.
We had a hard time naming this team.
There were many candidates such as ‘Daffodil’,’Gondre Band’, and Instrument Brothers’.
‘INFINITE B’ was the one!

The director AKA D.S and staff members hid their face until the end.
Many people except for those I mentioned above are working hard for our concerts.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to them.

Find a hidden member

A short break time is over! Now is really the time to get ready for the Hong Kong concert. I was wondering about what Ho-ya was doing. He was studying hard here. The diligent guy Ho-ya! Respond! In English!

All INFINITE members are thoroughly checking the script and stage movement lines over and over. We take one more look at the comments prepared in Cantonese for fans who will make the first great memories with us on our world tour.

It is time to change. We do makeup and hair styling. The seven young people transform into INFINITE! A ribbon on L’s hair is cute, isn’t it? He used to use a different hair pin, but, one day, he fixed his hair with a ribbon pin, which made all members burst into laughter.
That is how we started to use a ribbon pin for our hair. Watching ourselves with a ribbon makes us laugh and feel good even when we are exhausted.

INFINITE’s reliable leader Sung-kyu! He is ready first!
Sung-jong became more manly and gorgeous with the makeup. He is gorgeous even to my eyes.

But I like the cute Sung-jong better who spread jam on a toast for me.

After finishing makeup, we can really feel that the Hong Kong concert is about to begin. INFINITE’s heart already goes pit-a-pat. We can now see INSPIRIT in Hong Kong! Well, then, the concert begins now.

INFINITE World Tour in Hong Kong on August 17, 2013

All seven members of INFINITE appeared on stage.
We finally met the INSPIRIT fans in Hong Kong who packed the concert hall and welcomed us in delight! From now on, I will show you the unforgettable concert of INFINITE!
Are you ready to have fun?

INFINITE’s powerful performance meets INSPIRIT’s great passion!
The concert was full of fun and joy but we were sometimes moved to tears.

The World Tour concert was an unforgettable memory for INFINITE who looked each of the audience members in the eyes and interacted with them.

The most surprising was that our fans cheered us up in Korean.
I think that it is thanks to many other artists who brought Korean music to international music fans before us and those who are making every effort now to promote Korean music in the world.

Every time we put up a concert, we realize how many people have worked hard and we feel grateful and overwhelmed with emotion instead of just thinking that it is marvelous.

Now, we are going to Jakarta.
Stay focused on the next report from INFINITE!

Written by Dong-woo from INFINITE
Photograph from Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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