[Info] 131014 INFINITE 2013 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ Setlist


Set list adapted from the opening show at Seoul, South Korea.

  • Opening VCR; Members on stage, Jailed
  • “Destiny”
  • “Tic Toc
  • Silhouette (Members Stripping) Interlude
  • “Paradise”
  • “날개(Wings)”
  • “Inception”
  • “Can U Smile”
  • “너에게 간다 (Going To You)”
  • “Nothing’s Over”
  • Video Interlude
  • “3 분의 1(1/3)”(Joint Stage by Sungjong and Sungyeol)
  • INFINITE H Intro Victorious Way
  • “Special Girl”
  • 불편한 진실(Inconvenient Truth) MV Video Interlude
  • Infinitize Medley
  • “그해여름(That Year’s Summer)”
  • “니가좋다(I Like You)”
  • “Love U Like You” (Solo stage by L)
  • “Beautiful” (Solo stage by Woohyun)
  • “60초(60 Seconds) ~ Orchestra” (Solo stage by Sunggyu)
  • “그리움이 닿는 곳에(Still I Miss You)”
  • “엄마(Mother)”
  • L Video Interlude
  • “She’s Back”
  • “맡겨(Entrust)”
  • “Cover Girl”
  • “내꺼하자(Be Mine)”
  • “BTD”
  • “Man In Love”
  • “추격자(The Chaser)”
  • Encore Stage
  • “다시 돌아와(Come Back Again)” (Rock Version)
  • “Hysterie”
  • “With…”
  • Additional notes

  • Some songs during the Japan stop was sung at their respective Japanese Version.

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Source: Wikipedia

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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