[Info] 131017 Naver Starcast: Infinite Tour Note – Taiwan Story by Sungjong


Hello, everyone! Hello, Inspirit members who are waiting for our world tour concert! This is INFINITE’s youngest Sung-jong.

We are in Taiwan right now. We, INFINITE, are going to have a world tour concert in Taiwan.

On the day before the Taiwan concert, what were the INFINITE members doing in their room during the nervous but peaceful short hours? Before taking you to our Taiwan concert, I will show you what they were doing in their room.

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First of all, this is Ho-ya who shared a room with me.

By the way, whom is he talking to on the phone at this late hour? No way!

I was right. I exactly expected that I was talking to….

A room service attendant!

Ho-ya ordered mine, too! He is the best!

Doesn’t it look delicious? Come here and have some.

After dinner, what did Ho-ya do? What? You think that he practiced dancing?


He wrote lyrics. What song did he write the lyrics for? Have a guess. He looks very serious, which is totally different from when he had dinner. I should not bother him anymore.

That is why I quietly left him and went washing my face. I put on makeup frequently. It is very important to wash face.

I would like to share my way of washing face even though I feel shy to do so.

First, wash your hands clean.

Second, remove your makeup with cleansing oil.

Third, rub your face with foam cleansing and wash up your face with water.

Then, your face will be clean like this. What do you think? Do you like my non-makeup face?

Now that I am done with washing my face, shall we visit other member’s room? It is a surprise visit!

There is a suitcase opened indifferently in front of a door. Sunglasses and shows are there. Whose suitcase is this?

Tada! It is Woo-hyun’s!
Woo-hyun looked engrossed in something in front of a computer even without paying attention to me. What fascinated him?

Well, he is playing a computer game!

Woo-hyun? Hey, Woo-hyun? Well… I am going to leave soon… The cold man Woo-hyun never looked at me till the end. When are you going to work on your song, Woo-hyun?

Leaving Woo-hyun’s room, I headed toward the angle Dong-woo’s room!

Dong-woo, you look good in a white gown. You look better than I! Cool!

What music are you listening to? Since we are in Taiwan, is it Taiwanese music?, or are you listening to INFINITE even when you take rest?, or hip hop?, or class music that goes well with the night scenery? Dong-woo is usually very loud and laughs a lot, but he suddenly becomes serious when he starts listening to music.

Any music is fine if it is enjoyed togetehr with Dong-woo. Don’t you think so?

Dong-woo! Woo-hyun showed the inside of his suitcase. Please tell me what you brought to Taiwan.

These are Dong-woo’s favorite accessories and the clothes given by fans at the airport! It is Inspirit who always takes care of INFINITE indeed.

Well, shall we enter another room now? Who will welcome us?

Hush! Sung-kyu is reading… a book!? Have you ever seen such a serious face before?

But, he posed to welcome the youngest one. The leader did not let me down. By the way, what were you reading? Sung-kyu said, “It’s a secret.”

Then open you suitcase. Do not try to escape.

Open! This is it? There is nothing… really.

Sung-kyu came to Taiwan with nothing but his body.
Sung-kyu brought ‘nothing’ to Taiwan.
Sung-kyu is like a man next door even in Taiwan.
This is Sung-kyu’s style.

I believe that we can meet all members within tonight. What about you? Let’s hurry to the next room!

Knock knock!

Wow, This is Sung-yeol’s room. Was he playing a computer game like Woo-hyun? Or… was he waiting for me?

He says no……

Anyway, I could assume what Sung-yeol was doing to see his watery eyes. I am sure that Inspirit already knew.

He was watching a drama show. It is the popular drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’.

I heard that he was practicing acting hard these days. It was true. But? Are you sure that you watch it for practice? I think that he watches it for fun.

Then finally, let’s go to see L. GO GO!!

In fact, I saw L doing something really hard in a corner when I began the tour to members’ rooms.

L! I saw you sit here stock-still for some time. What are you doing?

A-ha!! He was opening the fan letters and presents that he received at the airport. His fans gave him their photo books as a present since L takes a lot of photos. Did you open each of them? Wow… Cool!

I should read mine under a blanket before falling asleep.

This is my tour around INFINITE’s rooms. Did you have fun?

Tomorrow, a concert of much more fun is waiting for us. I should go to bed early to see the Taiwan Inspirit in a gorgeous face.

Good night, all! See you in a dream!

Room assignment in Taiwan
Sung-kyu (alone) / Woo-hyun (alone) / Dong-woo (alone) / Ho-ya, Sung-jong / Sung-yeol, L

It is in the order of age. .

And on the next day.

Today is the D-day for our Taiwan concert. We are about to come up to the stage. It is always exciting and happy to see our fans anytime and anywhere. We will present you with the best show today!

Over 10,000 fans packed the concert hall in Taiwan and INFINITE presented their best performance for Inspirit!

Do you like the synchronized group dance? INFINITE shines most brightly when the seven members are together. It was time to sing only for those who came to our concert.

The solo stages of INFINITE were prepared. The concert went wild over time.

INFINITE and Inspirit are having a happy time that will never be forgotten. During the show, Taiwanese fans threw us an event. We thank them for their love.

This is how we finished our world tour concert in Taiwan.

We will move to Malaysia, China, America, and Europe. Please give us a lot of support so that we can cheerfully continue our journey going forward.

The weather is cold. Be careful not to catch a cold, everyone, and be happy! When your head is full of thoughts, just smile!

This was INFINITE’s youngest Sung-jong.

See you again. Thank you.

Written by Sung-jong (INFINITE)
Photographed by Sung-jong, Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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