[TV Report News] 131023 ‘INFINITE’ Sungyeol runs with 4minute’s Nam Jihyun in his arms ‘Why?’


[TV Report=Kim Ka-young] Pictures of INFINITE’s Sung-yeol and 4minute’s Nam Ji-hyun filming ‘Love Potential’ have been released.

On October 23, the drama-making video of the mobile drama ‘Love Potential – Era of Pure Love (directed by Bae Seong-jin, written by Kim Jun-hyeon) was released. In the video, Sung-yeol was spotted running with 4minute’s Nam Ji-hyun in his arms. The two talked with each other with a bright smile on their face in a joyful and fun atmosphere.

‘Love Potential’ is based on the novel ‘Love Story of Engineering Student’. It is a romantic comedy where Gi-eok (Sung-yeol), who has never dated before, gives his heart to his ideal type and the college queen Min-a (Nam Ji-hyun).

INFINITE’s Sung-yeol tried a shocking change by wearing a permed hair and big glasses. Nam Ji-hyun, who appeared in KBS’s ‘Couple Clinic Love and War 2 – Idol Special’, played the college queen.

The mobile drama ‘Love Potential – Era of Pure Love’ will be aired every Monday and Wednesday in two episodes from November 4.

By Kim Ka-young kky1209@tvreport.co.kr / Photograph=’Love Potential – Era of Pure Love’

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Source: Naver Entertainment

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