[OSEN News] 131101 ‘Love For Ten’ Sungyeol “Cannot rank INFINITE’s acting”


Idol group INFINITE Sung-yeol said he cannot rank his members’ acting talent.

Nov.1 Sung-yeol appeared at CGV in Yongsan Seoul for his mobile drama ‘Love For Ten – Generation of Youth’ premier and said “I cannot dare say about my members’ acting talent.”

On this day, he was asked to rank his members’ acting talent. He answered “I cannot dare rank my members’ act.”

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When the fans on spot shouted No.1 he said “I don’t think I am No.1. Among our members, Hoya, Woo-hyun and L are all acting. It is hard to choose who is No.1 since everyone is doing good with their characters. I only hope they meet good work and be successful.”

Also he added “I waited for this day to come while practicing acting for three years. Although I act as Jung Gi-uk in ‘Love For Ten’ I have to act another character in the play inside the play. So I will be able to feature two different characters.”

He will be starring as Jung Gi-uk who goes to College of Engineering undergrad in 13 and experienced heartache from his first love.

Meanwhile, ‘Love For Ten’ features an engineering student Jun Gi-uk who never dated a girl before. he falls in love with the school’s queen Yoon Min-ah(Nam Ji-hyun). This romantic comedy drama will be aired first on 4th via Story Ball and TV Pot.

Photo Credit: Jung Song-yi ouxou@osen.co.kr

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Source: Naver Entertainment

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