[Info] 131125 Naver Starcast: Infinite Tour Note – Photo Travel Story in U.S.A by Hoya and Sungyeol


Hello, INSPIRIT! This is Ho-ya from INFINITE.

It has been a long time since I said hello to you. I am worried if you caught a cold in this cold weather. How are you doing, everyone?

I would like to share the latest news on INFINITE with you.

We came back to Korea before leaving for Europe after successfully having held a world tour concert in the U.S last week. We were busy with four concerts in US cities LA, San Jose, Washington D.C, and New York, interviews, and showcases.

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We traveled around the US cities whenever we had a free time and the happy memories that we made together were too good to share only among us. That is why we are about to share the good memories with many others as well as INSPIRIT.

Then, our travel story in the U.S begins now!

This is LA that we visited for the first time in the U.S. As soon as we arrived here, we joined the recording of a music talk show hosted by One Time’s Danny.

He warmly welcomed us. All of us are very nervous even before meeting him.

We had an honor to talk with the musician that we had respected since our trainee days. All of us were overwhelmed with a sense of expectation and excitement.

We actually reviewed many performances of One Time and practiced singing with the group’s songs. We were all the more happy to meet him here far away from Korea and grateful for his good advice.

It was such a short period of time, but we had a good feeling that our world tour in the U.S. would be successful.

We dropped by a nearby beach before heading to our hotel.

How beautiful the sunset was on the seaside! I wanted to show it to INSPIRIT.

And here is one person who liked the scenery more than I did.

This is Woo-hyun. He kept taking pictures of himself there. He did not stop!

Great self-taken pictures! Please tell me this flattering angle. L got excited and kept clicking on his camera shutter.

Then, L’s pictures are…!

This is me! Jun-hee from reply 1997

This is how the first day in the U.S. passed. And finally we had the first concert in the U.S.

Many US INSPIRIT fans visited the concert hall.

Dong-woo was so happy to see them that he took pictures surrounded by INSPIRIT fans. Dong-woo! You look really happy! But I cannot lag behind.

Well, please take my lips

Our LA concert reached a climax and ended happily. It was our first concert in the U.S., but we were surprised to see that so many people were there to support us. And the first US concert became a success!

And then we moved to San Jose to meet other INSPIRIT fans with sadness behind.

Before the concert, we had some free time. We visited Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

I still cannot forget the scenery of San Francisco from Twin Peaks. We could not hear an echo, but we shouted “INSPIRIT” instead of “Yaho.”

Both Sung-yeol and L loved it.

Dong-woo, are you dancing even here?

What are you doing? You are so excited… You should not dance alone!

Our next destination was Fisherman’s Wharf. Are they…. real people or mannequins?

They were performance artists!

We took a picture with them! I had a round of applause with them after we had a short dance battle.

And the real purpose of visiting here was….

To see cute seals. They made a spectacular scene at the airport so close to people. It was amazing. It was such a beautiful scene.

Finally, we went to Lombard Street.

I am shy to see the picture again. We are like students who are on a school excursion. It was so beautiful that we just looked at it in awe.

Both of them went up really fast in a great desire for winning. The black spot over there is Sung-yeol.

So Sung-yeol won the race?


Dong-woo was a second faster than Sung-yeol.

Dong-woo’s wish was…..

To reach the top of Lombard Street on the shoulders of Sung-yeol. He is older than I but he looks like a younger one sometimes.

This is how our travel in San Francisco ended.

Now let us go to the San Jose concert.

It was fun to travel around the U.S., but nothing would be more fun than meeting INSPIRIT.

The passionate performance of INFINITE! Who is the INSIPIRIT that Sung-kyu handpicked?

Who is it?

And a very special event that we prepared started!

Following L’s love song for INSPIRIT,

Woo-hyun gave a rose full of love to her.

What I gave as a gift was,

A passionate dance! I am the dancing machine Ho-ya.

Another concert in the U.S. ended.

Hello, INSPIRIT! I will introduce you to Washington D.C.

We still had many fun memories during the rest of the schedule.

On the day when we arrived in Washington DC, I volunteered to become a paparazzo to photograph L and Sung-jong.

The two are walking sweetly together. Where are they heading?

It was Lincoln Memorial.

Sung-jong openly asked me to take a picture of him. I am a paparazzo. Then alright! I will distribute all your pictures to INSPIRIT!

Isn’t it the building structure impressive? It is hard to be seen in Korea.

As INSPIRIT fans all know, President Lincoln is the 16th president of the U.S., who made the famous speech, “Government by the people, for the people, and of the people.”

We felt different from just looking at it from a book when we visited the memorial.

We visited Korean War Veterans Memorial.

This is a bronze statue to remember the US troops who joined Korean War.

Korean War is a sad history of Korea, but you should remember it to prevent such a sad event from being repeated. Sung-jong put the Korean national flag up while L took a picture of it.

We wanted to learn and feel different culture as well as to meet INSIRIT in each country through this world tour and we did just that though this travel.

And, the day of the third concert neared us.

A thorough rehearsal took place as always.

Sung-jong took a picture of me saying that I could not stop smiling. It is so natural. I will meet INPIRIT tomorrow.

You should not miss our concert in Washington as well.

I remember that we chatted with fans in the Washington concert.

Well, speaking English was not easy, but we were bonded enough to communicate with our eyes!

Well, then let us go to our final destination New York.

Come to think of it, it is already the tenth day in the U.S.

We now walk on the streets of New York freely and enjoy having a meal. We all seem to be adapted to life in the U.S. The first impression of New York was that it had its own characteristic on its street. There was a good harmony of old buildings and present ones.

We had MTV Free Showcase for our New York concert that day. We definitely ate as soon as we arrived there. Woo-hyun, who was eating a hamburger, looks serious.

Ah, it is too thin. The problem was the thickness of the hamburger.

Look at Woo-hyun’s disappointed face!!! Ho-ya had to do something.

Please give us a fully-stuffed hamburger! Isn’t it good to see him take care of other members? Help yourself.

Now, shall we meet INSPIRIT New York?

We were very thankful for coming to our showcase despite a chilly weather. The showcase was not planned, but so many people turned up.

We talked with fans for about two hours and sang B.T.D and Be Mine. We have a new fun performing very close to fans. I hope that we can have more time to talk with fans in the future.

What is left is a New York concert!

A thorough rehearsal again

We and the staff members were busy welcoming INSPIRIT New York.

And there was someone who came to see us.

It was singer Kim Jang-hoon. We were really surprised that he paid a surprise visit.

He told us words of support, shared know-how on a concert, gave advice to us. He gave us a big laughter as well. It was such a big help for us. Thank you.

The concert begins!

The cheers from the US fans who packed the concert hall touched us as soon as we came up to the stage.

We expressed our love to fans.

We sang together with them.

We did our best for every moment to pay back the loud cheers and great support.

The New York concert completed a successful world tour in the U.S. We have many stories to share from the US tour full of new and fun things. We are sad that we cannot share everything with you.

Now we are going to leave for England for a Europe concert. It feels like the tour started yesterday, but we only have London, Paris, and Dubai left. We are just grateful that every concert finished safely. This is all thanks to INSPIRIT fans who are always concerned about us and wait for us.

All staff members, band members, and the seven members of INFINITE will have a successful INFINITE World Tour ‘One Great Step’. Please keep giving us a lot of support and wait for us.

Until the day when we come back as a better INFINITE!


Written by Ho-ya, Sung-yeol (INFINITE)
Photograph by Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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