[Billboard News] 131220 INFINITE Talks U.S. Tour, Upcoming Albums & Perform Live at Billboard Studio


INFINITE pose for a portrait at Billboard’s New York studio.

For Billboard’s cameras, the K-Pop band shares upcoming plans and performs live.

While K-pop boy band INFINITE’s American tour dates could be best described as a whirlwind — hitting four U.S. cities, and two time zones, in eight days during in the midst of a world tour — the septet took time to chat with Billboard, reveal exclusive details, and give its last Stateside performance for the time being.

After wrapping their Nov. 16 concert at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom — where the boy band literally sent dozen of fans into unconscious states — the boys came to Billboard’s studio to reflect on the American dates.

“I didn’t even know how I should react because I was really worried about the fans,” rapper Hoya says of his New York experience. “I’d like to think of it as how much they love us. And I hope they are all OK. I couldn’t believe that the scenes from Michael Jackson’s DVD we used to watch when were in training happened at our concert.”

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But after a day’s rest, INFINITE was ready to give it their all for live performances at Billboard’s studios. The boys brought their A-game for live renditions of hit K-Pop Hot 100 singles “Be Mine” and “The Chaser,” the latter of which was named Billboard’s No. 1 K-Pop Song of 2012.

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“[We chose to perform] ‘The Chaser’ after thinking about how to add Korean sentiments to a song,” explains INFINITE leader Sunggyu of their first song performance for Billboard’s audience. “The song is a combination of both Korean sentiment and INFINITE’s signature musical colors.”

The 24-year-old adds, “‘Be Mine’ helped us win our first No. 1 trophy on a Korean music program. We cried a lot that day on stage. It is a grateful song that helped us become who we are,” choosing the song after deciding it is a signature song the group hopes to expose to American audiences.

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Watch the interview below where the boys reveal exclusive details about their upcoming albums — including new info about hip-hop sub-unit INFINITE-H’s new release. As well, watch Billboard studio performances of K-pop hits “The Chaser” and “Be Mine.” While K-pop acts like Wonder Girls and more performed in Billboard studios in the past, these are the first K-pop songs performed in Korea.

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Source: Billboard

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