[Fantaken] 131221 Sunggyu – KBS Road for Hope Concert

DOWNLOAD – 110 pics UP


P.S. Download the zip file (while it’s still free) for more pictures.

Credits: colorfulwords, the-kyu, turningpoint0428, aube-s, inthesnow_net, CHERRY_GYU, kyu890428, strawgyu, kyuzizi8, 901122910328net, sungkyustory, Douerky, SpotliGht, 0428-0328, 890428kyu, BABYS_SKMS, 0428-0328, l19920313ms, suan_sk, splendid 7, donghwa, Catdream_V, over the moon, 1989-0428, you make me, desire, ifnt7univ, beautifulkyudays, ombm0609

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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