[Info] 131227 Naver Starcast: Goodbye 2013, limitlessly releasing unrevealed pictures of INFINITE! by Woohyun


Hello. I am Woo-hyun from INFINITE.

Were the readers of NAVER STARCAST all doing well? It feels like it was only yesterday when we were promoting the song ‘Man In Love’, but the year 2013 is already only few days left.

So! We plan to make time to look back at our activities of the year 2013 and also wrap up the world tour. I will reveal the pictures of INFINITE little by little in which I kept to myself for a year. ^^! There will be a surprising gift in the end also!! I do not mind if you guys are anticipating~

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Then, we will head straight to January of this year right now!

First, January and February of the year 2013 was Dong-woo and Hoya’s month! The cool launching of INFINITE H!

Beautiful Girl~ A dazzling girl ~ A beautiful you ~ The Girl we are talking about here is Inspirit!

Hoya and Dong-woo at the press conference before the first launch! There are a little bit of nervous facial expressions.. However, they have completely controlled the showcase stage!

Inspirit also remember it clearly, right?

On March of 2013, an ‘Infinity rally’, which announced the official beginning of INFINITE as a whole, took place!

We have stood on many stages before, but I am still touched when seeing Inspirit, who abundantly filled the performance hall.

And right after the new album [New Challenge] was released in April. It was an album in which daringly tried transforming into a man who is lovely like warm spring days!

I will be randomly throwing in the pictures of the members that are much sweeter than the lyrics of ‘Man In Love’~

It was the day of shooting for our album cover.

On this day, Dong-woo looked like he was not used to the tie as he was keep touching it.

With preparing for activities again in such a long time, Sung-jong was most happy! He looks like a fairy with his hat on.

Hoya drinking milk while dressed this nicely make him look like.. A 7 year old who goes to kindergarten, right?!

For me.. I am getting used~ to the bitter taste of coffee.

But then, there is one more right here! It is Sung-yeol, who is following the cat! Where did all the cool sides while on the stage go~

Once we saw each other, L makes a V~ He is so nice, nice.

This picture is a secretly taken picture in which even Sung-kyu does not know about!! Hoot! I played my role perfectly as paparazzi for a day like this!

In this way, our first activity this year was wrapped up.

And in May, we headed to America to shoot a ‘DESTINY’ music video.

Filming in the very famous Universal Studios!

IN.FI.NI.TE. Looks so call! However, when not in front of the camera..

…… ^^;

In this way, [DESTINY] album was released in July after shooting the music video in America~

‘Destiny’ has once again given back INFINITE’s sword army dance (Same, unison dance moves for all members)! Just like Inspirit is our destiny, the sword army dance is our destiny also.

So now, INFINTE’s first world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that was long-awaited, which went from August to December, begins!

The world tour started in Seoul and it was held in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Philippines of Asia, America and Europe and in Dubai, going to 21 cities in 119 days, with 26 sets of performances and meeting with 150,000 Inspirit and it was a long journey!

These pictures of the performances are also the ones we reveal for the first time, the performance in Paris, France. Of course, INFINITE shines on the stage!

By looking at the pictures, we have looked back at one year. In addition, it was a year in which there were lots of activities in Japan or solo activities. These were the results we were able to achieve because of Inspirit, who have been cheering and supporting! We really thank you!

So, we prepared one more end of the year gift that is not the releasing the unrevealed pictures! It is the self-written letters from all of the members of INFINITE! Ta da~~~

Then, I hope all the readers of NAVER STARCAST wrap up the year 2013 nicely. Please get a lot of fortune in the upcoming year of 2014 also! We will continue to show our developed sides.

We hope to see you soon! Bye ^^

Written by Woo-hyun (INFINITE)
Photograph by Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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