[ADMIN Compilation] 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ Photo Compilation

Infinite CHING-GYU admins have collected Official, HD fantaken, Press Conference and Exclusive photos taken during their World Tour.

The fantaken pictures came from the different Infinite fansites who have provided us with beautiful pictures of the members. Although we do not have a list of all fansites, we took the time and effort to collect the pictures from those that we know. I cannot assure everyone that the compilation is complete or that we have taken every single fantaken photo from different fansites.

This compilation is intended for those who want to acquire the pictures in bulk. And if you want to support the fansite unnies, PLEASE DO NOT EDIT/CROP/REMOVE WATERMARK and PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS. The fansites have been working hard in taking them and editing/cropping/removing their watermark will not motivate them to give us more photos in the future. So please, respect their property. In addition, we have provided their Twitter usernames and/or Website names so you can visit their profile and check for more HD fantaken pics taken by them. 🙂

Enjoy~! ♥

130809~130810 Seoul, South Korea – Fantaken Part 1, Part 2 | Exclusive Photos

130818 Hong Kong – Fantaken | Official Photos | Exclusive Photos | Meet & Greet Official Photos

130831 Jakarta, Indonesia – Fantaken

130905 Fukuoka, Japan – Fantaken | Exclusive Photos | Official Photos

130910 Hiroshima, Japan – Fantaken

130913~130914 Kobe, Japan – Fantaken | Official Photos Part 1, Part 2

130918~130920 Yokohama, Japan – Fantaken | Official Photos

130928 Bangkok, Thailand – Fantaken | Official Photos Part 1, Part 2

131005 Singapore – Fantaken | Official Photos | Press Conference Photos

131012~131013 Taipei, Taiwan – Fantaken | Official Photos

131019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Fantaken | Official Photos | Press Conference Official Photos

131025 Guangzhou, China – Fantaken

131030 Shanghai, China – Fantaken

131103 Manila, Philippines – Fantaken | Press Conference Photos Part 1, Part 2

131108 Los Angeles – Fantaken

131111 San Jose, California – Fantaken

131113 Fairfax, Virginia – N/A

131116 New York – Fantaken

131127 London – Fantaken

131201 Paris – Fantaken | CKJpopnews Photos | Official Photos

131206 Dubai, UAE – Fantaken | Official Photos

Type in the OGS country on our search box and indulge yourself with more Infinite pictures.

P.S. We only collected Sunggyu fantaken photos as it will take us more time to collect considering that there are only 2 of us who’re busy collecting the photos. Please bear with the lack of human resources we have.

6 thoughts on “[ADMIN Compilation] 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ Photo Compilation

  1. niloospirit says:

    hello dear admins…im niloofar from iran and im an inspirit ..im admin of infinies official fansite in our country..i have alot of friends that are working hard on our website..i want to tell you I LOVE YOUUUU…i realy love your website…the mood inhere is great…even in our web there isnt such a good and warm and friendly mood…i wnat to thank you and say i realy appreciate how kind and warmhearted you are..i want to say im sorry..i have token your pics and lnks alot..everyone knows you are awesome..i am reaaaaly excited about what you have done…i reaaaaaly appreciate you…and you are unique because you havemaintaned that you have told it to fansite unnies..i have seen alot of inspirits who told they have taken these pics all their own!!!but they were lying!!!..anyway…i couldnt not try to speak to you…i love yaaaa….our boys are proud of you unnies..im sure…fighting forever dear infinitechinggyu….i wish you the bestssss..visit our ebsite..it will be abig honor for us for sure..

    • juvedelinhm says:

      Aaawww you’re welcome chingoo ^^ I’m touched! HAHA And thank you for appreciating our efforts! This means a lot to us ♥ Please give us a link of your website so we can check it out 😉

    • juvedelin says:

      I visited it already 🙂 Nice!! I don’t speak Arabic though but I can see how you post the updates 🙂 I shared your comment to Admin Lyd too. She’s says she’s happy reading your message. Thank you chingoo!! ♥ 🙂

      • niloospirit says:

        omoooo…..gomawooo..we speak persian..haha..thnak you so much dear..really love ya…we will always support you…and thnaks for sharing my commetn dear chingoo…love ya and good luck

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