[OSEN News] 140117 INFINITE, world tour encore concert, 20,000 seats ‘Completely sold out’


A boy group INFINITE, who had a completely sold out record for every concert, also showed off ticket power for this concert also.

On January 16th, INFINITE have paralyzed Interpark homepage, which is where the tickets for Seoul encore concert, the finale of the world tour reservations, were made the website came back to normal status an hour after the ticket reservations started. At that point, all 20,000 seats were sold out and the concert chaos that gathered 220,000 people at the same time finally came to an end.

INFINITE’s agency Woolim Entertainment said on January 17th “INFINITE’s world tour encore concert that has the size of 20,000 seats will be held on February 28th and March 1st will and all the seats were sold out. We thank to the fans who showed hot will to make reservation” and also added “This concert is expected to reply to hot passion of the fans with much more perfect producing and spectacular composition based on the skills and experience from the last world tour” and revealed.

The associates of CJ E&M, who planned the concert, said “It would be good enough for them to be tired with a big journey for the world tour but INFINITE’s resolution towards this encore concert is amazing”. They also added “We have seen that INFINITE is getting better as the world tour is progressing. This concert will be the performance that gathers their capability that they have been developing at the sites around the world at one place” and raised the anticipation towards the concert.

INFINITE’s sold out record parade started from ‘Second Invasion’, which is the first concert that took place in 2012, and it is continuing to ‘Second Invasion Evolution’ that upgraded the first concert and the world tour ,‘The summer of that year’ that set the new standard for the season concert by meeting with the fans at a much shorter distance in the small theatre, the world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ Seoul concert and to this world tour Seoul encore concert.

INFINITE’s first world tour concert that began from August 2013 ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ was held in 21 cities of 15 countries for 119 days. Even it was the first world tour concert, INFINITE had sold out records in all the cities they go with almost perfect performances.

Meanwhile, INFINITE’s world tour encore concert will be held on two days of February 28th and March 1st in Olympics Park Gymnasium located in Bangee-dong, Songpa-gu in Seoul.

Picture: INFINITE concert poster

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Source: Naver Entertainment

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