[Dispatch News] 140121 INFINITE in hair shop…”When a man does his hair”


“Are you guys ready?”

“OK. We are ready to go!”

INFINITE’s ‘Destiny’ was Korea no matter what. Are they excited due to the performance in Korea in such a long time? They look like they are about to run to the Olympic hall right now. All the 7 members showed their infinite will. They show their intense happiness with a freshman pose that is full of individuality.

INFINITE is back in 6 months after they finished their world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that took place starting from last August. They went to 15 countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, England and France and so on and it is Korea once again. They got the chance to meet fans in Korea through ‘2014 Asia Model Festival Awards’.

On January 17th, ‘STARCAST’ made a visit to one of the hair shops in Apgujeong-dong. Only couple hours before the awards ceremony, we could see INFINITE, who was busy making themselves look nice. The various looks were memorable. There was a member who is showing ‘Love for Inspirit’ and a member who is showing hearts toward the camera and so on.

Infinite charm INFINITE, did you guys miss them? We will show everything vividly.

At 2pm, right here is one of the streets in Apgujeong-dong. The power from the girls is amazing. Even with the freezing weather that is below zero, they are waiting while chit chatting. The languages spoken are also diverse. The languages were mixed from English, Japanese to Chinese. The one they have been waiting for so long is INFINITE.

Finally, the main figure appears.

As INFINITE’s van showed up, girl fans are starting to gather around slowly. Not only the shouts, but also they took out ‘Cannon’ and various gifts. The staff members get into a defense (?) mode with a little bit of nervous facial expressions.

“Hair shop runway~” (Woo-hyun)

“Walk in a chic way” (Hoya)

The members who started off were Woo-hyun and Hoya. They gather the attention with a model vibe. These two people both had enough sense as they wore all-black outfit with the coat, t-shirt, jeans and converse and so on. Their services for the fans were also highly professional. They bowed their heads after receiving gifts such as the snack and fan letter and so on.

“Were you guys waiting for us?” (Dong-woo)

“Hip hop gangenious” (Sung-kyu)

The members who showed up next are Dong-woo and Sung-kyu. Both of them were really lively. It looks like that they are excited with the welcome from the fans that they entered while bursting out in big laughter. Their fashion is also adorable. They show their adorable charm with a snapback and padding jacket and so on.

What would L be like? He turned into a heartwarming college student just today. He completed the fashion with a navy tone long coat and a gray knitted top. With L’s handsome vibe, the shouts from the girl fans reached the maximum.

Oh, we sadly could not take pictures of Sung-jong and Sung-yeol. It was all due to the attack (?) from the fans. However, we are not determined ‘Dispatch’ if we give up here. We have taken a close look into something that Inspirit is most curious about.

First, we will check the make-up picture.

Sung-jong gives off a doll vibe. He got the attention with pink-colored hair that not everyone can pull off. He easily pulls off a fancy make-up that matches with the hair tone.

L turned into handsome man from a young boy. He is just like someone with the look that is most representative in INFINITE. He coolly pulled off a chic smoky make-up. He shows the real man charm in no time.

Hoya is focusing on a make-up. His facial expression is rather serious. He is so serious that even his nickname ‘Ho baby’ does not sound right. Even with the sudden appearance of the camera, he is not surprised at all. Did he turn into ‘Ho adult’ now?

☞ The next is the highlight of ‘STARCAST’. It is the personal time of INFINITE. How would INFINITE spend their waiting time? We will start examining each one of them from now.

▶ Woo-hyun : He is just like someone who is the king of training. He was busy making heart on this day also. After the small heart, a golf ball heart, and this time, it is the heart balloon. The skill of the heart expert did not go anywhere. The heart that contains Woo-hyun’s breath, enjoy it through the pictures.

“Here you go, the balloon heart”

“Read the fan letter thoroughly also”

▶Sung-kyu : He did not touch his smartphone or read the book. He was just looking at the members who are passing by with a blank (?) facial expression. It is heard that Sung-kyu finally went to bed this morning. The jet lag is over but he stayed up all night thinking about working on the song.

“I am getting to know the bitter taste of the green tea~”

“Sung-kyu’s orange (gyool), Sung-gyool”

▶L : L is filled with curiosity. It seemed like he is tired since he was taking short naps but he shined his eyes in front of the camera. He is just like someone who is a camera mania. He even showed interest towards ‘Dispatch’ camera. He had a conversation with the journalist using professional vocabulary.

“Myung-soo, are you asleep?” (Woo-hyun)

“I am not completely awake” (L)

“What kind of camera does Dispatch use?” (L)

▶ Dong-woo : Dong-woo is happy today also. He went around the hair shop without even a moment to sit. He showed a big smile when he saw the tree after singing INFINITE’s winter song ‘Lately’. He put his arm around the tree and even suggested to take a picture together.

“I will introduce my friend” (Dong-woo)

“Happy virus” (Dong-woo)

▶Hoya : Hoya is the god of eating. He seemed like he was hungry as he ate the whole ice cream in no time. He also drank entire honey water at once. He even showed a little bit of witty Ho drib (Hoya+adrib) saying “Please write me down as an idol who is thinking about health”.

“Pro~tect the health” (Hoya)

“I SAY Ho” (Hoya)

▶ Sung-jong : He volunteered to be a model. He made a pose while guiding the journalist to a place he wants. He even said in charmingly “Please take good pictures of me”. Did he take lessons from Woo-hyun, who is in charge of acting in a charming way? His skill of training is pretty good.

“Do I look good in the picture?” (Sung-jong)

“I look like a model right?” (Sung-jong)

▶ Sung-yeol : The severe flu is widespread these days. Sung-yeol also could not avoid the flu. He was not doing well from the day before. He was also lying down in the waiting room as he is so sick today also. Despite that fact, he stood up energetically. He led the atmosphere while talking with the members.

“Are you guys worrying about me?” (Sung-yeol)

Thank youX2″ (Sung-yeol)

In this way, INFINITE getting ready to go is almost coming to an end. 3 hours have passed already. We have asked questions that fans might be curious about using the short free time. Take a look at it with bonus pictures.

Dispatch(‘D’): How do you feel after coming back to Korea in a long time?

Sung-kyu: Korean fans are no doubt the best. They are hometown in my mind. I heard the news that the server stopped when the tickets for the encore concert were sold out few days ago. I was really happy. I only had the thought of making comeback as soon as possible and wanting to sing in front of ‘Inspirit’ in my mind.

D: I heard that you guys will hold the encore concert in Seoul next month.

Woo-hyun: We are at a level of just starting to practice. We cannot tell everything in detail but it is completely different from what we showed in the previous tour. We changed everything from the opening to the set list. We will try our best for ‘Inspirit’ who have been waiting until now.

D: ‘This is INFINITE’. It is a reality program in a long time right?

Hoya: We will show INFINITE’s daily life the way it is. We will be accomplishing the missions once in a while. It is similar to ‘Wide Entertainment News- INFINITE Ranking King”. I, Hoya, will be full of ‘Ho drib’ this time also, so please look forward to it.

When we finished asking questions, they have finished transforming. It is the suit with a pattern that reminds of ‘Destiny’ music video. They jumped and is ready to go. You are saying something is not enough? Then, let’s shout.

Come back, come back, come back again…♪

“Heartwarming fan letter” (Woo-hyun)

What are you doing~?” (Woo-hyun)

“I will have blueberry” (Woo-hyun)

“The sweetness is coming, coming, coming”

“Please take good pictures” (Woo-hyun)

“Chit chatting with a friend” (Dong-woo)

“Pack lots of things in the bag” (Dong-woo)

“We will head to the awards ceremony now” (INFINITE)

INFINITE will hold the world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP-RETURNS’ on 28th of next month and on March 1st at Olympics Gymnastics Stadium in Olympics Park located in Bangee-dong in Seoul. They are practicing hard for the fans who will fill 20,000 seats. We will look forward to the cool side of INFINITE who is back.

Written by: Kim Hye Won (Dispatch)
Pictures by: Lee Seung Hoon (Dispatch)

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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