[OSEN News] 140201 ‘The Genius 2’ Sunggyu has appeared!.. ‘Volunteers to be Cha Yooram’s guardian’


INTINITE’s member Sunggyu reappeared on ‘The Genius’

Sunggyu has been on tvN’s twisted reality show ‘The Genius season2: Rule breaker’ as a guest and volunteered himself as a guardian of Cha Yooram during the game.

On the day’s show season 1’s key players, Sunggyu, Cha Yooram, Kim Kyungran, Lee Junseok, Choi Changyeop, and Choi Jungmoon joined as guests and competed with the season 2’s TOP5; Lee Sang Min, Eun G-won, Yoo Jung Hyun, Cho Yoo Young and Lim Yo-Hwan. They played ‘Layoff’ a modification of ‘Food chain’, the most renowned game of the season2.

As the members of the season1 showed their dedications, Sunggyu and Cha Yooram confirmed their determination that they will work together through a video call.

Cha Yooram worried, “Lee Sang Min’s performance seems to be excelling.” Sunggyu replied, “I will protect you” and moved Cha Yooram. Cha Yooram displayed her gratefulness and touched feelings by saying, “Please say that one more time.”

‘Layoff ’ is an office version of ‘Food Chain’ which was the 1st round’s main match. During the game, one can fire one with a lower rank and in order to win the game, one needs to achieve the qualification for the assigned character. The show will be aired on the 1st at 10:50 PM.

Photo provided by: tvN

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Source: Naver Entertainment

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