[OSEN News] 140206 ‘This is INFINITE’, What would INFINITE’s entertainment program that reveals secrets look like?


It became 5 years since ‘Hottest trend idol’ INFINITE made a debut and they will show infinite transformation through ‘This is INFINITE’.

Mnet ‘This is INFINITE’ that goes on air for the first time on February 6th at 7:30pm made ‘This’ into ‘Diss(Disrespect: The abbreviation of disrespect and is one of the hip hop cultures that attacks others’ weak points)’ and is a program that was made with a hope of INFINITE, who became a 5 year old middle age idol group, becoming a long-run idol group through self diss.

Since the debut, INFINITE have appeared on reality programs and not only lots of entertainment programs, they have also dominated the drama and global market and so on and have been on fire. To celebrate the 5th year since the debut, we have looked at the crucial point of this program, which INFINITE will show off talking abilities that is not like a typical idol group.

– Is it okay to be this honest? The revealing of INFINITE’s realistic sides

They will show honest sides in this program that is way too bold to be called an idol group showing up on an entertainment program and it is expected that the real sides that started off the strong relationship among the members will be revealed. The realistic situations of INFINITE voluntarily making efforts and getting mature will happen through the hidden camera with the meticulous plan from the producing staff members, pre-research and various situations and so on through the process of observing, studying and verifying the new sides of INFINITE that were not able to be seen before.

– The best in reality entertainment program, INFINITE is here!

Even from the early years of the debut, INFINITE appeared on exclusive entertainment programs such as ‘INFINITE, You Are My Oppa‘ and ‘Ranking King’ and so on and have shown the best sense of entertainment with talking abilities and the wit that is not like a typical idol group. In this program, they are expected to present a fresh fun to the fans with another character by flipping over the individuality and charms that each of INFINITE 7 members have. Especially, not only the happy side, they will also show their inner minds in which they did not show at all until now and it will let people to imagine the mature sides of INFINITE, who will become a ‘Long-run idol’ and ‘Infinite transformation idol’.

– Something that does not change even after 5 years since making the debut, passion

The writer Jung Eun Jung, who wrote INFINITE’s reality debut work ‘INFINITE, You Are My Oppa’, said “I knew INFINITE for 5 years while collaborating on a work with them since when they were rookies, but they always put lots of efforts. They each show off strong friendship with each other and always makes the mood at the shooting site happy so my workplace is always happy and bright” and added “People will be able to see much more developed reality entertainment program of INFINITE, who shows off much more upgraded sense of entertainment” and requested to look forward to it.

People who heard about the news of INFINITE’s ‘This is INFINITE’ going on air, they showed reactions such as “This is INFINITE, I am looking forward to realistic entertainment program”, “This is INFINITE, oppas, long time no see” and “This is INFINITE, it feels new that INFINITE is already in their 5th year” and so on.

Picture provided by: Mnet

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Source: Naver Entertainment

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