[Info] 140207 Naver Starcast: This is INFINITE #1 – Members’ diss attack and defense? by Sunggyu


Hello!! INFINITE’s leader? No that is not it~ This is Sung-kyu, who is born again as the leader of ‘Diss’!
The long world tour is finally over and us INFINITE is finally back on TV!
Clap, clap, clap! Self-welcome
‘This is INFINITE’ in which it is possible to meet INFINITE’s 100% realistic side!
Yesterday night, INFINITE members’ the moment of realistic and intense diss was on air and did everyone enjoy it?
The behind story that is not seen on the show is published every Fridays through NAVER STARCAST.

Then, it will start off with the 1st episode right now. We will proceed after watching the highlight video first~

Wow.. It is the bomb.. Really.. How can the leader change?
Ability to make a decision? Ability to lead? Physical endurance? What is up with the ability to digest? The path to leader was really far and tough.
Out of all, the will of the members who are coveting the place of the leader was scary.

Our fiery psychological rivalry began starting from the day of the shooting for the poster.

INFINITE members’ friendly and harmonious shooting site? No way. You guys do not know anything.

Are you guys really going to be like this? It is no use being nice to them.

Since it turned out like this, we will show the real diss through STARCAST Sung-kyu version!
Does not change even when not on the camera! Wild! Honest! Since Sung-kyu is not an ignorant and absurd person~

So we have prepared. The first diss is the strongest opponent Nam Woo-hyun!

Everyone will think of Woo-hyun as a perfect man who has a clean skin, big and round eyes, and say I love you~ while giving hearts to everyone, right?

However, this is the reality.

We have caught on sight Woo-hyun, who is embarrassed after being caught by the camera while he was stretching! Haha..

However, there might be fans who will think of this as cute so one more!

Everyone know all about it since you guys saw This is INFINITE, right?
This is what diss is about! Ah, it feels so good~

Being able to diss without any barriers is the result of developing an intense friendship among us by eating and sleeping together ever since when we were trainees.

Since it already began, we will be rough with each and every one! Beginning a diss on a smiling face~

You guys are all dead today~



You are creating some mood while holding the flower! Even with that, you are only a flower ‘beggar’.


Zombie was something that is the level of a legend nuclear bomb that the lemon candy cannot be compared with it, right?!
He is my younger brother but really. Wow.. My hands and feet.. What am I going to do..

Lastly, diss Sung-yeol without a picture.

Why is there a no picture? I asked him for a picture but he said I don’t give a picture to men.
It was a moment that I got upset once again with his straightforward words.

However, I could not lose so I also said something in return, I heard that you are dating? With a chicken.
(People who know will know but Sung-yeol is recently working as a part-timer at his parents’ chicken restaurant.)

My mood is better after finishing diss!

So I have prepared one more!

The behind story video of ‘This is INFINITE’ that is only revealed on STARCAST!
The king of icy road! The pride of an idol MVP! Hoya made a bet on the snacks of the members!

But, there is another reason for trying hard?
The behind story video that is much fun than the real show will be revealed right now!!

The right as a man is of course dish washing! ^^

We did not actually get to eat beer chicken, the food that was bet on.
Because the food did not cook well as it was too cold.
It was so cold that most of the staff members caught cold after that shooting.

Since we are talking about eating, I remember the time when Dong-woo was a leader.

Back then, Dong-woo lost rock, scissor and paper so he had to eat enormous amount of ramen.
The amount did not decrease even eating after eating so Dong-woo gave a bite of ramen to not only the members but also the staff members in front of him.
A ramen party in the middle of the night~ Because of that, we were surprised looking at each other’s faces in the morning.

I also remember this time. There is no way I cannot remember it! The very moment when I was a leader!
It was the moment when my ability to lead shined. Wahahaha.
Sung-yeol was so bad at finding the envelope so a person who was passing by found it for him quietly as if that person thought it is too sad. Diss again because he did not give me the picture.

The last part of the 1st episode ended with us just starting the game. It was really fun when we were playing the game! Ah… I cannot even tell this in advance! You guys are looking forward to it so much, right? then, watch the show.on.time!

‘This is INFINITE’ will be aired at 7:30pm every Thursdays,
The reviews through STARCAST returns on every Fridays~
Then, dear viewers, and NAVER STARCAST readers, see you guys again next week^^
Watch out for the cold until then! Bye~

Written by: INFINITE Sung-kyu
Materials provided by: Woollim Entertainment/Mnet

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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