[Info] 140214 Naver Starcast: This is INFINITE #2 – Dye king Sung-jong’s catching the minds of women! by Sungjong


Hello. This is INFINITE’s youngest member Sung-jong~!

Now, my red zombie.. Wait, no! All you guys see is my red hair, right? But, the fact is that it is never! never! ever! a wig!

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Did everyone all enjoy the 2nd episode of This is INFINITE? Can it be that you guys could not fall asleep as you guys were so curious about the behind-the-scenes video? The behind-the-scenes video of This is INFINITE that can only be watched on NAVER STARCAST! I have brought that video! That is because I am the main character in the behind-the-scenes video! Ha!

In the behind-the-scenes video, there is the part in which I meet with little kids for the first time at kids café. They were so adorable! I was really happy! I was really happy.. Hmm.. Am I the only one who was happy?

Coco-yeol (Sung-yeol), who is unexpectedly pure. I say Ho you say ya (Hoya), who does not care about the place and the time. Udon (Dong-woo). Mr. Nam (Woo-hyun), religious leader L (L) and our leader old man (Sung-kyu)!. This is who IN.FI.NI.TE is!

The truth is, this is a secret. None of the kids chose Sung-kyu so Sung-kyu was a little bit upset while shooting was still going on. Hmm.. Was it noticeable a little bit on the video also? Haha. Anyhow~~ Sung-kyu ended up becoming a fool in front of lovely kids! Took a picture in a friendly way in the end!

They are all full of pink~
However, no matter what, the highlight of the 2nd episode was dating aptitude test. The questions were so hard. This is all because.. INFINITE only lived with the infinite love from INSPIRIT! Yum, yum

Then, I will also give a question at this point! Now, now~ the question on the way, guess the names of the members! If you guys thought of the answer without any hesitation within a second, then it is certain that you are the addict of This is INFINITE. How many times did you watch it already? Watch the second time? The third time? Haha, one more time~

The second highlight can be considered as hammer fight about Dong-woo’s social skills! A battle with Nam star! Come out, Nam Woo-hyun! You know that I like snacks so much. How can you just eat it by yourself? Huh? Huh?

Next, it is the vote to pick the leader! Even with the endless effort starting from morning, Sung-kyu lost his place as a leader that he has been keeping for 4 years to Sung-yeol at once. The relationship between these two that became competitive due to active role of the leader Sung-yeol and Sung-kyu trying to recover his place as a leader, you guys are already looking forward, right?

Currently, This is INFINITE finished shooting for the 4th episode. We do not even realize that time is passing by when shooting since we shoot for the show in a happy and fun way every time. We hope that the ones who are watching also watch our This is INFINITE not even realizing that the time is passing by.

Then, the teaser video that Sung-jong have prepared for viewers who are waiting for 3rd episode!! The teaser video of in terms of ‘Diss’ will be shown right now~

Sung-kyu: Just because I am old, it does not mean I know the minds of women well ~

Dong-woo: Dong-woo talked well than expected~ Awww, good job~

Woo-hyun: He is only professional in words. Full of arrogance ~

Hoya: He does not know women but it went way too overboard. ‘Woman? What is that?’

Sung-yeol: Freezes in front of woman. Elsa, did you do this?

L: So handsome.

Then, watch This is INFINITE right on time next week also! Do not forget to watch NAVER STARCAST reviews also~! If you guys don’t, then the pink zombie will eat you guys!!!! Wahhh~~

Ps. The members’ diss that never ends!
Sung-yeol and Woo-hyun’s friendly(?) diss!



My reply to diss from Dong-woo



Written by: INFINITE Sung-jong
Materials provided by: Woollim Entertainment/ Mnet

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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