[Info] 140221 Naver Starcast: This is INFINITE #3 – Dong-woo’s ‘Title cram school’ by Dongwoo


Hello, INSPIRIT! And NAVER STARCAST readers~ I am Dong-woo from INFINITE. ^^ I am here to reveal the behind stories of This is INFINITE on NAVER STARCAST on this week also!!

In this week’s episode of catching the minds of women project, there were ‘Mission of catch the mind of noona (Older girl)’ and ‘Mission of how to react to a crisis pretending that we have a virtual girlfriend’~! Did everyone enjoy? We will proceed after watching it one more time for people who did not get to watch it~!

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# Highlight 1 – When coincidentally meeting girlfriend’s mom

It was not able to choose a winner between Sung-yeol’s land sales contract propose that is strictly based on reality and Sung-kyu’s rubber glove propose that goes back in time. Ah.. you guys do not know women well but you guys went too far~! When it comes to propose, nothing is better than a bank account that has 40,000 Korean won ($40)!!

#Highlight 2 – Confessing to an older girl

No doubt. I have to give trust if they are on my side! That is what being a man is about! Also, thank you Daeryong and Soryong for appearing on the show with me~

On a behind video that is fun just like the real show, the pasts of INFINITE are revealed one by one through women who appeared on the show to play partner roles. Hoya’s youthful times back then. Also a reason that Woo-hyun had to roll sideways for the entire show! All these can only be seen on the behind video~! Not only that, it even contains embarrassing and humiliating (?) last words from the members in order to make the staff members choose them so click play right now!!

# The behind story that will be too sad if everyone missed it!!

Sung-kyu, look out~ If you gets relaxed thinking ‘Change the leader’ episode is over, someone will take your place as a leader~ Since I am doing a diss once again, I will do it on Sung-kyu once more~

V is never left out whenever taking pictures~ Let’s change that now~~~ Also, in this behind video, restricted videos endlessly came out! The 1st place is Woo-hyun!

But, he is too pretty to diss~~

Ah, is it hard to understand what I am saying while watching the show? Really? Really? No way! I am so good at talking in a way in which it is fun and easy to understand~ You guys cannot trust me? So I have prepared. Dong-woo’s ‘Title cram school’ that everyone can understand and way so much fun! For people who watched ‘This is INFINITE’, then everyone will be able to agree with it 100%~

Hoya has the same facial expression for already an hour

The truth is, it was the scene of Sung-yeol imitating Sung-jong as Sung-jong whispered ‘I love you’ to some girl before~ But I am tempted to keep looking at Hoya in the back for some reason. It reminded of ‘Same facial expression Hoya’ that was widespread on the internet in the past. But, does the heart really pound when whispering? If that is the case, it is embarrassing but, I will try once… INSPIRIT, lend me you guys’ ears~” I love you guys~”

Uh…. ‘teacher’? Do you happen to know where my microphone is?

One phrase that our leader uses often when he is in an unfavorable situation ‘Uh.. teacher?’

After finishing shooting, Sung-kyu quietly called him. I guess he regrets becoming first place in catching the minds of women by now ㅠ.ㅠ Cute youngest~”

But, it is so sad that there are not that many, right? So I have searched for the old pictures and came up with some more.

Dong-woo’s Title cram school 2nd episode that continues!! Ta da!!

In the star I came from,. I could not even go anywhere with my looks.. But then, in Earth.. Haha..

Only if I didn’t come with Myung-soo(L)…

From the sandwich that I bought at an unfamiliar place, I can feel the taste of the food that is similar to that of my mom

This is INFINITE already finished airing its 3rd episode. It feels like the first episode was only yesterday, which we filmed while changing the leaders, and the time flies so fast~and the mind only gets impatient~ Because I want to show 4th episode already, my mind is getting impatient~ Did you guys watch the teaser for 4th episode? This is ‘Win Hoya’ episode! Hoya is famous as a physical education idol! So in 4th episode, various battles of the members who try to win Hoya will take place~ This it for my spoiler~

NAVER STARCAST This is INFINITE 4th episode will be back on next Friday. The main character is Hoya of course!! Do not miss it. Then, bye everyone~

Written by: INFINITE Dongwoo
Materials provided by: Woollim Entertainment, Mnet

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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