[Fantaken] 140228~140301 Sunggyu – 2014 OGS RETURNS

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Credits:vivid k, 8989 day, 더 script, colorful words, i’m your girl, in the snow, spotlight, cherry blossom, 무한대학교, miss珍am, kimsungkyu.com, picture perfect, sweet bonbon, 수국과 안개꽃, cobalt_428, eclatant, e_gyu89, strawgyu, kyuloveme, 7人组, woonieluv, 넌 설레임이 넘치는 나만의 바다, nono, lucky strike, the kyu, only k, turningpoint, shine, feather, inspire74u, seven star, seven way, you think you know, just stay with you, baby’s breath, sweetpea, douerky, gomyway0915, sungkyustory, 690428, ayumyung, milkywingswoogyuwoo, jjonga, yellowishgreenbear, gyulaxy, aquarium-sj, imdadaz, stuckonnamu, sungkyuwoohyun-th, 오매불망, shoushou, twokimholic, sunggyusglover, coverboy.com, bad temper, rilagkyuma, lucky_infinite, pinkpink, nam ♥ heart, whitemelia, mh__91, namkk, 7’stars, planetarium, banseung, kimtt, happywoo, woogyuday, __kyuz11, my angel, l2caiflsjdh1392, beautifulkyudays, brillante, allaboutmang7, dongwoo-drop-of-love-me,

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