[Info] 140315 Naver Starcast: Waiting room is delicious~…’Toheart’, Attack of trainers!


“♬ I will love you more than anyone else”

On March 14, two trainers met. Their main areas are giving heart, wink, and cheek balloon. Here, there, everywhere!!! They are spreading their charms!!! With their weapons, they are making women fans crying and laughing at the same time.

The king of trainers! Who are they?

“I am the master key of trainer, KEY”

“I am Nam Joryun(the trainer!)”

In the waiting room of ‘Music Bank’ in KBS Hall in Seoul, we met ‘Toheart’. Who is ‘Toheart?’
It is hybrid duo consisting of Key of ‘SHINee’ and Woohyun of ‘INFINITE’. They are receiving a lot of attention with their new song ‘Delicious’.

The day was the duo’s first stage and White Day! ‘Toheart’ gave lollipop to their fans as a present for celebrating the White Day. Did they expect the fierce reaction? They were high on the mood. They were busy preparing their first stage.

“I want eye line~!”

“So Sweet Boy”

In fact, when it comes to training ‘Toheart’, it is training and when it comes to training, it is ‘Toheart’. They are in the training mode in 24 hours. Do they practice it? They were so charming in front of the camera and fans are eager to see their lovely gestures. STARCAST grasped their charming moments!

Sooooooo charming! Key was ‘So sweet boy’ just like their song ‘Delicious’. He had made as if he gave his lollipop….His fan service was also spectacular. That’s why people call him as Key, the trainer.

Woo Hyun was not the exception. He was not an easy boy. He was showing his trick to hide the candy. Also, he took Key’s potato shaped mobile phone case, and tried to eat the case!!!

“Nam. Woo. Hyun. The picture of his training moment. JPG”

“Potato! Be mine”

Key was so into his journal about the fashion style of his coming to work. He was satisfied with the picture, smiling.

‘On the way work, Key’s chick style”

“This is the clothes”

“I am the idol fashion-star”

Now, it is time to take a rest. They had to be in pre-recording. After 30 minutes….

“Delicious, pre-recording is over~”

“It’s too hot! Strong wind please!”

“Let’s check how we did this”

Key suddenly changes his clothes to sing ‘Tell me why’ in the program. There was no sign of cheerful boy. His hair style was also changed according to the desperate mode of the song~

Forgotten ‘Trainer’, Key came back! With two lollipops, Key completed his lovely pose. With his one eye closed, shaking, kissing……dear fans! Enjoy Key’s training.

“Training is infinite~♪”

“Feel free to use it~~”

“LTE Trainer Key”

Stimulated by Key’s LTE training, Woohyun is now showing his ability, the heart maker. His skill was gorgeous. With his two fingers, he made a heart. His charming facial expression was followed! ‘In spirit!’ Fans! Never miss this!

“I am heart maker, not trouble maker”

“Two fingers are enough”

“I will eat them all~”

How do you like attack of ‘Toheart’? Their true charming points are laid out in the performing stages. They are as charming and delicious as like in the waiting room. They are literally ‘Delicious’. Why don’t we look forward their special unit stages that will be unfolded ahead?

Writing: Kim Sooji(Dispatch)
Photo=Song Hyojin(Dispatch)

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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