[Info] 140321 Naver Starcast: This is INFINITE #7 – Diss continues! by Sungyeol


Hello, the viewers of This is INFINITE, and the readers who love STARCAST. I am INFINITE member Sung-yeol. Personally, I like the concept of the picture~ 1st place in whole school which is far from the time when I was in high school?! Anyways~ In this week, I am here to share the highlight video of This is INFINITE and the behind stories that can only be found on STARCAST.

Did everyone all enjoy the second episode of ‘INFINITE Get to know it’ that went on air yesterday and ‘INFINITE’s fill the lacking 2%’ episode? They were so much fun as always, right? For me, I am also enjoying the show as the one who appears on the show and also as a viewer who watches the show on time~

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The second story of ‘Get to know it’ was about guessing Woo-hyun’s egg roll and exchanging the roles among members, who went to the future. Sung-jong’s cleverness that guessed the flavor of Woo-hyun’s egg roll that nobody got right and the active role of L, who completely became Dong-woo, stood out!!

The members ruin their images each day haha. Enjoy This is INFINITE and please also remember charisma INFINITE once in a while by watching the performances of Destiny and B.T.D~

INFINITE is often seen wearing suits but it will be hard to see us wearing uniforms that often so we are revealing the pictures of each member wearing uniforms~

Our leader Sung-kyu attended school while being disciplined by the behavior captain when he was in high school. However, it is said that he had good grades~

And right here, these three friends look far from studying. They look like real high school students, right? Showing off wealthy family(?) pride in which there is always at least one in the class~~ Talkative one and dance rather than studying! Music rather than food! Real dancer~nope, the real physical education person Hoya! Our youngest member always remind of pink zombie no matter what he does~

So we present a self diss!

Teeth zombie, not pink zombie ahahaha…

Our Dong-woo is perfect if it was not for words!

Our L, who just remains silent for 5 years~ Did I do too much diss today?
But our members are still as good as Boys Over Flowers, right?
But then, how do Boys Over Flowers spend the break time..?

Can everyone tell what they are going to do?

It is throwing the shoes game!!! Hoya lost so he is picking up all of the members’ shoes
We look like elementary students right now, but our INFINITE is really~ going to be friendly and get along well even after 10 years~

Sung-kyu’s way of acting cute is hugging from the back~

‘INFINITE’s fill the lacking 2%’ after ‘INFINITE Get to know it’ was much more fun, right?

Hoya’s ad lib made us burst out into laughter these days. ‘Is it my turn now~?’ Hoya’s ad lib these days is incredible! Hoya’s ad lib will continue in the behind video also~

The 7th episode of This is INFINITE aired already and STARCAST has only one more to go! While we were having fun shooting, we did not even know that time was passing by! It is sad, right?ㅠㅠ So in next week’s STARCAST, we are expecting to return with much more!! Everyone, please look forward~ In next week’s This is INFINITE, the story of the members who struggles to be a much more perfect man is expecting to continue so please show lots of love towards This is INFINITE ‘Fill the lacking 2%’ episode also~

A chilly weather and yellow dust are troublesome these days and we hope everyone stays healthy~! We will see you guys next week~ Bye~~


One more thing that we cannot leave out! The comeback of INFINITE is around the corner~~!! We are spending busy days these days due to preparing for the album that is going to be released in April! When we think about meeting the fans with the new album, we can’t even fall asleep as we are so excited~ Let’s meet as soon as possible~ Then, really bye~~

Written by = INFINITE Sung-yeol
Pictures provided by = Woollim Entertainment / Mnet

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: lydia for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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