[ANNOUNCEMENT] Infinite CHING-GYU new Instagram account

There’s something new to Infinite CHING-GYU~

We will finally have an Instagram!! HAHAHA YAAAAY…. but what for? 🙂

In line with our 1st Anniversary, IC-GYU Staffs have come up with an idea to cater the needs of Inspirits by making a separate account via Instagram. The reason why we chose to use another account is because our Twitter and WordPress have their own purposes. Our Twitter is used for daily and fast updates while our WordPress is for compilations and serves as reference for Inspirits.

BUT this doesn’t mean, we won’t be updating our WordPress and Twitter anymore HAHAHA NO NO NO Of course we’ll still be active! We won’t be leaving~ Instagram is just an extension of our fanbase 🙂 We needed something new to do and this was what we came up with.

The GOALS of our Instagram account are the following:

We know that Sunday is family day. Sunday is also rest day since it’s a weekend. That’s why we took this opportunity to spam your Instagram timeline with pictures of Sunggyu and/or Infinite while you rest 🙂

Inspirits are also known to be creative and playful artists. Some fanarts even have funny and cute captions with them. We’ve found a lot of fanarts online and I guess there’s nothing wrong by sharing it to fellow Inspirits 🙂

As our fanbase name says, Infinite “CHING-GYU”. We, the staffs, will be your friends. So if you ever need any advice for your love life? Your studies? Your family? Or if you want to ask something related to Infinite… we’re here to answer them for you. But here’s the catch. We will only answer ONE (1) QUESTION PER WEEK. And this shall be done every Wednesday! 🙂

This simply means #THROWBACKTHURSDAY 🙂

This has always been the reason why our fanbase was made 🙂

To do this, we have a SCHEDULE of WHAT WE POST on Instagram 🙂

And finally, to make this happen, we are in need of new staffs for our Instagram account. Applying for this is quite easy. You just need to CHOOSE WHICH DAY OF THE WEEK you want to handle. Then, send the form below through comment or you can email personally through juvedelin.hm@gmail.com with your subject as Infinite CHING-GYU INSTAGRAM staff.


Email (where we can reply to):
DAY OF THE WEEK you want to handle:
Do you have any experience?
(If yes, paste the link of the website)
What other fanpages/fanbases/blogs do you administrate? (please mention everything)

Once you send it to me, I’ll expect that you really want this opportunity to be a staff. FINAL ORIENTATION will be given to those who will be accepted. 🙂

As for requirements, you just need to be active ONCE a week 🙂

For questions and/or concerns, you can message me on LINE (juvedelin) or you can mention me on Twitter (@JUVEdelin).

LASTLY, YES~ WE ALREADY MADE AN ACCOUNT [HERE]. 🙂 But we haven’t posted anything yet. We will officially start posting on June 9 (on the day of Infinite’s Anniversary) ~


3 thoughts on “[ANNOUNCEMENT] Infinite CHING-GYU new Instagram account

  1. Donia Tlili (@AllRiseAeSook) says:

    Name: Donia
    Age: 15
    Country: Tunisia
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Twitter: @AllRiseAesook
    Instagram: myolchidoni
    Email (where we can reply to): doni22009@hotmail.com
    DAY OF THE WEEK you want to handle: Sunday
    Do you have any experience? : I Used to be an Admin at a Multifandom page but i quit since i had a national exam to take care of….
    What other fanpages/fanbases/blogs do you administrate? Well… I Only have Tumblr xD kpop-unicorn-feels.tumblr.com

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