[OSEN News] 140327 INFINITE, tries colorful ‘Diss fashion’..The most powerful looks in history?


The members of a group INFINITE will hold the ‘Diss battle’ and are going to meet the viewers with the most powerful looks in history.

On the final episode of the cable channel Mnet real entertainment program ‘This is INFINITE’ that is going to go on air on the afternoon of March 27th, the members went on a healing tour but holding the diss battle until the very end will be shown. INFINITE’s unique lively and funny sides are expected to be shown.

During the shooting that recently took place, INFINITE showed off their charms with so-called ‘Diss fashion’. L, who showed off chic and cold charm as he usually wore black clothes, pulled off a colorful fashion when the representative from his agency pointed out that ‘You lack liveliness’.

The members also will present the character pajamas of popular animation characters such as Pooh, Tigger and Olaf and so on and are expecting to grab the attention of the viewers with the most powerful look in the history of INFINITE.

It goes on air at 7:30pm every Thursdays.

Picture: Mnet

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Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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