[Info] 140328 Naver Starcast: This is INFINITE #8 – This is INFINITE is over but it is just the beginning for INFINITE! by Sunggyu


Hello STARCAST readers, I am INFINITE Sung-kyu. It is so nice that I get to greet everyone through STARCAST once again in 7 weeks! The final episode of This is INFINITE aired yesterday and did everyone enjoy the show? I can’t believe it is already the final episode… Since I had so much fun while shooting, I am so sad to end it

Especially, because there was STARCAST in which I was able to disclose the behind stories and the show and also see the comments from people that sends support so I think I am even more sad.

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Ah… The moment when it was so embarrassing even when watching again.. But we will do anything if we can create laughter by sacrificing ourselves!! However.. I try to not walk out to places near the home since that day ㅠ.ㅜ Let’s all forget about this together! You guys will do that, right?

There is one more person who wishes to forget about it right here

It is Peter L! But Myung-soo, you look good whatever you wear~ Our visual L Good! Everyone found out by watching This is INFINITE, right? That Myung-soo is a kid with bright thoughts more than you guys can imagine~ Myung-soo! I feel so proud of you as an older one because I think you showed a lot of your real sides on This is INFINITE~ Of course, I feel sorry that even your feet smell was shown~

In the picture, he looks amazingly smart but at times, our hot-tempered Sung-yeol is very ignorant! Wo, wo~~ Calm down, it is not right to diss~~ We are only trying to be funny~ But I still know. How cool you are! It is the charm of a man!

The news that Hoya’s wrist is getting better~ ‘Physical education king’ who is MVP of Idol Track Competition…? No, no~~ No matter what, you are a dance machine~

Our Dong-woo, who gets much more charming the more we see him! When seeing Dong-woo from now on, please talk to him in rap~ Dong-woo will start to rap from now on~~

Ah, everyone know that there is no need to talk to him, right? He only talks with the looks in the eyes. He sees everything. Look, Woo-hyun already opens the eyes round and is looking at everyone’s eyes who are reading this~
Woo-hyun says “I know what STARCAST readers are thinking about right now~ That is Sung-jong, who will be the last one to be introduced~”

Sung-jong, V is mine~ Give it to me before you get beaten up~~ Instead, you take out the fist like a man from now on~

The members who are wearing pajamas are so cute, right? Our youngest member Sung-jong is especially cute! So we have prepared three sets of cutie!

Ah, can’t see it anymore. I think I should better show the behind stories as soon as possible!! The behind stories are the flower of STARCAST for sure! I am the main character in the behind video! Amazing sense of pitch amazing Sung-kyu~

After finishing watching eighth behind video, I really can feel that This is INFINITE has ended. The members who are writing STARCAST together are smiling but they each express sad minds.

Some phrases are random but please understand as we are not very good at expressions~ ^^’; But we will surely implant the happy memories of This is INFINITE. We have prepared a surprise event for the readers who loved STARCAST.

[STARCAST – This is INFINITE event]

This is INFINITE is now over but, INFINITE’s real sides! Everyone know that we are coming back as charisma INFINITE on the stage, right? We are really putting a lot of effort into preparing the new album so please show lots of interests to INFINITE, who will make a comeback in April.

I sincerely thank once again everyone who watched This is INFINITE so far and also the readers who loved STARCAST. I love you guys! Bye!

Written by = INFINITE Sung-kyu
Pictures provided by = Woollim Entertainment / Mnet

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: lydia for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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