[OSEN News] 140402 INFINITE ‘The Origin’, sold out at an amazing speed..Proved to be ‘Completely sold out idol’


A group INFINITE showed the sides of ‘Completely sold out idol’ once more.

INFINITE’s instrumental version album ‘The Origin’ that is going to be officially released on April 10th was completely sold out as soon as the online reservation began at 5pm, April 1st and had an intense purchase war. Especially ‘The Origin’ is a 30,000 limited album so the competition among the fans to purchase it was much fiercer.

The interest toward ‘The Origin’ was hot starting from the morning of April 1st. When INFINITE’s agency Woollim Entertainment announced that they are going to hold the reservation sale online for INFINITE’s instrumental version ‘The Origin’, INFINITE immediately dominated the live search keyword.

It is also heard that the endless inquiries about the album and about the additional order of the album were made to INFINITE’s agency.

‘The Origin’ is the instrumental version album of INFINITE’s top songs and it is the first attempt ever in Korea for an artist to release the album separately just for the enjoyment of the music.

‘The Origin’ is composed of 3 CDs of white, black and gold and has 10 songs for one CD and has total of 30 songs. In white, there are pure white ballad tracks that represent INFINITE such as ‘Only Tears’, ‘Voice of My Heart’ and ‘Fixed Star’ and so on. In black, there are powerful and heavy music such as ‘B.T.D’, ‘Wings’, ‘Tic Toc’ and ‘The Chaser’ and so on. Last but not least in gold track, there are signature dance songs such as ‘Be Mine’, ‘Come Back Again’ and ‘Man in Love’.

Also ‘B.T.D’, which is chosen as the title song, is going to be made into a music video. In ‘B.T.D’ instrumental music video that is going to be released along with the song on April 10th, the unfinished story of ‘B.T.D’ music video that was revealed in 2011 is going to continue.

The limited amount of total of 30,000 of INFINITE’s instrumental version album ‘The Origin’ is available for purchase both online and offline, and it can also be purchased in offline stores starting from April 10th.

Picture provided by Woollim Entertainment

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Source: Naver Entertainment

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