[StarN News] 140422 K-pop market expected to get into a major chaos in May


It seems that K-Pop market is going to get into a major chaos in May.

On April 16th, a passenger ferry, which was carrying 475 of people from port of Incheon to the southern island of Jeju, sank near Gwanmae island, which is located near Jindo, Southern Jeolla Province.

Most of the entertainment programs, drams, and events were cancelled because of the tragedy, and a great number of singers cancelled or postponed the release of their new albums, concerts, and promotions in a deep sympathy for the tragedy.

BLOCK-B, Park Jung Hyun, Kim Jin Ho, JunggiGO, and Jang Hee Young, who were going to release new albums this week, rearranged their schedules in a sympathy for the accident, and G.Na, T-ara’s Ji Yeon, A-Pink, and FIESTAR also cancelled or postponed their promotions and fan meetings.

EXO, who were going to release their 2nd mini-album, ‘Overdose,’ on April 21st, also postponed the release date.

According to a few officials, most of the management agencies are postponing new album releases at the moment, and the K-Pop market is going to be ‘out of service’ until late April.

Thus, it is expected that K-Pop market is going to get into a major chaos in May since all of the singers who were going to come back in April are going to release their new albums all together.

Furthermore, since ‘2014 Brazil World Cup’ is starting in early June, a great number of singers are coming back in May as well.

So far, BEAST, 2PM, INFINITE, SISTAR, SECRET’s Jeon Hyo Sung, and IU confirmed their comeback in May even though they did not release detailed schedules.

In addition, phenomenal vocalists like Hwi Sung and Gummy, and groups who took a long break, like Fly To The Sky and G.O.D are also getting ready to make a comeback.

PSY, whose comeback has been a hot issue at all over the world from the beginning of the year, is also predicted to get back within the first half of the year. He has been releasing a great number of steal cuts from his new music video shooting, and many fans are showing a huge excitement for his comeback.

Source: StarN News

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