[Vid/Trans] 140522 INFINITE – MCET(Japanese TV) Interview


Korean boy’s group INFINITE, who revealed their label transfers to Universal Music on 13th this month came to Japan to release the new song in front of Fans.

INFINITE who entirely dominates Korean music chats while at the same time boasts tremendous popularity, got No.1 on Korean entertainment song, Billboard in US in 2012. Also in Japan, they also got No.1 on Oricon Chart with their 1st Japanese Album.

They’re planning to spread the market into the WORLD with management by SM entertainment & new Label Universal Music.

They held the Show Case to release 1st Single after their transfer, and attracted Fans.

We had our exclusive interview and asked them “highlight” of the new song.

Q: Highlight of the new song!?

Hoya: The “chorus” is really impressive. I think if girls listen to the part, it must make Girls’ hearts flutter. We’ll show you the part,

“Kimiga ireba ii~~♫”

Hoya: If everyone dance and sing with us, we’ll be really happy.

Woohyun: In MV, I stretch my arms like this and everything is blown off.
L: Books, rite?
Woohyun: Yep, I’d like you to enjoy the scene in which books are blown off with my supernatural power.
L: And also, I want everyone to see WooHyun ssi’s wire-action scene.
Woohyun: The scene with wire-action went smoothly without any difficulties.
Sunggyu: But,,WooHyun ssi’s wire action scene took 8 and half hours.. So other members had lots of difficulties..coz,, we had to wait for long..

Q:What Japanese food wud u like to eat now?

Hoya: I love SUSHI very much. That’s why im called “Shishi killer”.
Woohyun: Yep, he is a “Killer” .He ate bout 30 plates..
Hoya: I’d like to eat all kinds of Japanese SUSHI.
Sunggyu: Okonomiyaki! (savory pancakes)
Woohyun: Takoyaki! (dumpling ball wiz octopus)
Dongwoo: Tebasaki! (sweet&spicy chicken wings)
L: Udon sukidesu^^ =I like Udon noodles.
Woohyun: I wanna eat all we said.

ALL: Everone who’s watching “Count Down ET”,
Sunggyu: Please listen to “Last Romeo ~kimiga ireba ii~”!!

ALL: Untill now, we’re INFINITE~!!

Then, we’ll show you Last Romeo~kimiga ireba ii~ full cut. Please enjoy it.

Source: kiri santwo

Translations by: MineMyngsL | infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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