[Pic/Mag/Trans] 140630 INFINITE – Natalie ‘Power Push’ Special Interview


Q:Please introduce urself.

I’m a leader, Sungkyu. INFINITE is the group of 7 memebers, that debuted in 2011.

Q:Can tell us the charge of each?

SungKyu, Me, SungYeol, L and SungJong take charge of Vocal.

,and Me and DongWoo take charge of RAP.

Also, Me and our baby SungJong take charge of “Everlasting Boyfriend”.

Q:What is the origin of the group name!?

It’s just an English word which means “Unlimited”.
It also contains the meaning that we should show up our unlimited music,
performance and so on anytime.

We’re always working hard to show our performance which is worthy
of our group name.

Q:You are a jet setter who flies around the world, and you always have
minute-by-minute schedules.
Even in such circumstances, don’t you feel “limit” mentally or physically!?

Of course, I feel tired sometimes, but never felt the LIMIT even once.

The way we have to go is really long. NOW is not the time when we feel “limit” yet.:)

That’s right. We named our 2nd album “SEASON 2” which was released in May with
the meaning “always NO limit, and New feeling”
I would like to go up to “SEASON 10” as it is XD

Q:Can you tell us about this single CD “Last Romeo~kimiga ireba ii~” ?

It’s really funky pop tune.
It is quite different from the impression which I had when I listened to
the song which we got from the composer before our recording.

Q:How did you feel at first!?

Ah,,how can I say..? Honestly speaking, I don’t remember well..
I can say that it didn’t remain in my impression XD


Well..lol We listened to the demo-staged song.
The arrangement was pretty different from the version now.
That’s why I’ve already lost the impression at that time..

But, the more the arrangement changed throughout each recording,
the more the images for this song went inflated.

Q:Last Romeo has already been released in Korea.
This song is a bit far from American electric sound which dominated the K-music scene.
On the other hand, it has the taste of ROCK which reminiscent of the early INFINITE.

That’s right. The feature of this song is a nostalgic melody reminiscent of the
rock in the 1980s. The mainstream of K-music scene is HIP-HOP or electronic,
so Last Romeo might be odd a bit there.

I want to show our quality in Japan as well as in Korea.
Also I want you to pay attention on the RAP of DongWoo and Hoya.
Thanks to the RAP parts, the atmosphere of this song has changed considerably.

Q:Isn’t it hard to sing the RAP line in Japanese?

Actually the difficulty of RAP is not so different in Japanese or Korean.
Singing RAP in Japanese is rather easy for me.:)

Q:but I think RAP is difficult even in your mother tongue.

Agree^^ I mean, in Japanese is easier for me bcos the lyricist always
makes my line easy to RAP.

In Korean language, we have loots of words which end with “badchim”.
So RAP in Japanese is easier to rhyme because most of Japanese words end in a vowel.
On that point, in Japanese, we can devise more to make the song skilled up.

Q:Any Japanese words in which were hard to pronounce for you!?

【WooHyun】All Japanese words with “tsu” are difficult for me.

Q:Yep, indeed most Korean people’s “tsu” become “chu”.

That’s right. We don’t have the pronunciation “tsu” in Korean language,
And also we don’t have the character/letter which equivalent to “tsu” sound, either.
That’s why, it’s so difficult that I can’t pronounce it yet though practiced quite a lot.
But, fortunately my parts didn’t have many words with “tsu” sound this time,
I could finish my recording smoothly XD

Q:When it comes to such kind of situation, the singing expression might be

Of course, for us, singing in Korean is easier. But we practice a lot so that we can
Express in the same way as in Korean even when we sing Japanese version.

I think FEELING is more important than technique in singing even though
we have some troubles in Japanese. So, I always focus on singing with my
feeling which were inspired by the song and thoughts in lyrics.
There’s no difference to convey our thoughts by singing in Korean and in Japanese.

Q:The coupling song “The person like me” is kind of sad ballad song, right!?
Could you express ur feeling in this song well!?

【MyungSoo】It was difficult….

Q:Can tell us why!?

This song is especially sad song among other ballads by INFINITE.
The theme is “farewell”.. Everyone experiences it in various situations
which is not limited to love, right? That’s why I’ve thought a lot of things, and
ended up losing my way to express which suits to this song the most.
However, I tried to go deepen the understanding of this song in my own way to
approach recording in the end.

Q:What kind of impression do you have on Japanese Inspirits!?

Really enthusiastic! Lots of Inspirits always come to our live concerts.
Even from really far seats, they cheer us a lot. Also I always get impressed
by their enthusiastic look.

Q:That’s same in other counties, No!?

No. J-Inspirits are especially enthusiastic! You know, Hoya had a dream of
Our concerts in Japan 

I did! In our last tour in Japan, I got lots of energy from J-Inspirits.
I was really touched. So I’m always looking forward to coming to Japan.

I want to return the touching with our “Last Romeo” to J-Inspirits.
I really want to hold concerts in Japan, too.

Q:Anything you want to tell to J-Inspirits!?

Thank you for supporting us . I will continue loving all of you until the day
when J-Inspirits get married!

Agree. It’ll be great if we can be everyone’s “Last Romeo”.

I’m ready to drink even poisons for all of them! XD

Q:That’s from the lyrics “You can try me in the poison” of “Last Romeo”, right!?

Yea..XD But I’m not kidding, I always work hard with such feeling.
Any temptation is not match for the love from INSPIRIT.

I feel exactly same with the sub title of “Last Romeo”.
“Kimiga ireba ii”(means “I want nothing but YOU”)

Source: natalie mu Music

Translations by: MineMyngsL | infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

Shared by: lydia for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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