[Starcast News] 140807 When INFINITE loves… Behind story which calls for Infinite replay


Have you all checked how much men can be sweet through INFINITE’s acoustic live? You would know what I’m saying if you have seen STARCAST ON AIR which was proceeded before ‘In The Summer 2’ little theater concert on August 6th~ We release the behind story of INFINITE’s 7 members who showed smart images through the 1-hour live broadcast with mischief talks and sweet live performance!

INFINITE performing rehearsals earnestly

Woo Hyun who is singing sweetly

The youngest Sung Jong who is singing in mischievous boy concept

Atmospheric Sung Yeol singing

INFINITE members that seem to have traveled to ‘In The Summer 2’ concert

Hoya who is focusing on the live broadcast

Sung Yeol and Dong Woo that are smiling brightly

Leader Sung Kyu’s earnest image of focusing on singing

Rehearsal scene of standard smart dance of ‘INFINITE’

Woo Hyun’s mischievous image before the live broadcast

This is their rehearsal image of ‘In The Summer 2’. Are you curious of what kind of song it is?

Sung Jong, who is looking at the empty seats, is expecting the concert which is going to start from today.

STARCAST live broadcast scene where the concert stage could be seen
And the very video which you guys would have been waiting the most! The very video which calls for infinite replay! We release the replay of the live broadcast.

Lastly as INFINITE members have noticed before in yesterday’s live broadcast, we give out Polaroid pictures of members to 5 people among those that have left comments while seeing the live broadcast in order to reward those who have accomplished the pre-event comment mission. We have sent the notice about how to receive the present to the below NAVER email, so if you think it’s your ID then check your emails~

Writing/Picture = Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver Entertainment

Shared by: lydia for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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