[Pic] 140827 Sunggyu – Musical Vampire Booklet


★Unpposted fanacc★

※There’s two speakers in front of my seat (=under the stage), i could hear
SungKyu’s snort well XD

※When he sat on the stool, he got his knees together n put both feet on the footrest like a kid!
also he was stepping on his mantle XD It was so cute♡ 
When SungKyu found my friend & I were giggling at his cuteness,
he looked at us and moved his mouth “왜?” and smiled shyly ♡♡♡

※While other 2 co-actors were answering questions, SungKyu was thinking his answer and
dropped his eyeblows  (‘・c_・` )← like this! ♡

(SungKyu) Don’t talk so loudly, or monsters will come up.. hehe
(Lorain) Da i jo bu de su~!!!!!! (soooo loudly) *daijobudesu means “It’s Okay”
(SungKyu) Hontoni Urusaina…. .hahaha *Hontoni urusaina means “u r too noisy”
His Japanese was so natural ☆☆ 

★My Lucky Ticket★

★My seat was the yellow one★

Credits: MineMyngsL

Shared by: MineMyngsL for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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