[Info] 140903 INFINITE – Naver Starcast ★ & Fan: INSPIRIT’s white propose toward ‘INFINITE’


Firstly, we will give hint about the main character of this week’s ‘★&fan’. This artist is symbolized with special logo. This accessary is motivated from this logo.

People who see this logo might think of the number ‘8’ or ‘Mobius strip’. But it symbolizes the ‘infinite’ which is among one of the mathematical terms. Have you all noticed by now?

The logo production is infinite~

Who is today’s main character?

The answer is ‘INFINITE’. If you have thought of idol ‘INFINITE’ by looking at the infinite logo, then you’re at least INFINITE’s semi-fan (one who has a little bit of interest in them).

We met ‘INSPIRIT’ (INFINITE’s fan club) at a café placed in Garosu-gil Road of Shinsa-dong on 31st of last month. They totaled 6 which ‘STARCAST’ met this day. They were all female in 20’s. They were fans that continuously cheered INFINITE since their debut until now.

Idol fans are classified into two; ‘fans that cheer at the scene’ and ‘fans that cheer in front of TV’. ‘INSPIRIT’ that gathered that day called themselves as ‘fans that cheer at the scene’. They are slightly different from the previous ‘Star&Fan’s main characters, right?
But they couldn’t miss the prop investigation. Although they were ‘fans that cheer at the scene’, INSPIRIT’s scent (?) could be smelt from their props.

“With INFINITE in 2014”

“Picture in purse than money”

“INFINITE key rings”

“INFINITE card purse”

“Proof of INSPIRIT”

Since we have looked at their props, shall we see inside their houses? We will look at the CD showcase slightly.

“CDs than books”

“Gathering all covers”

“INFINITE was everywhere”

“Products for concert”

“Need a home theater”

They finished their fan authentication this time again. It’s time to hear INSPIRIT’s sincere stories.

Before then, we will look at members’ smart images~

“2 Vs” (Sung Kyu)

“Get my heart” (Woo Hyun)

“Finisher of the visual appearance” (L)

“Side line is amazing” (Dong Woo)

“Heart~” (Sung Yeol)

“with smile~” (Hoya)

“Finishing with V” (Sung Jong)

Did your eyes get clear? We will start the earnest interview now.

Get, Ready, Set, Go!

☞ INFINITE is coming to me♪: When I called out INFINITE’s name, INFINITE came to me and became a flower. We asked the period when they felt INFINITE’s existence, and how they got into their charms.

① ‘Group dance’ that has the matter of life and death
“I coincidently saw INFINITE’s interview at TV. It was when they came back with ‘BTD’, and said “we might get disbanded if we don’t success with this album. We will do our best”. But I felt them doing really hard by clenching their teeth. So maybe that is how the group dance got created.” (24yrs, female)

② Replied to Hoya
“I didn’t know about idols. But when I saw Hoya at tvN ‘Reply 1997’, I really liked him. After then I got to know about INFINITE and watched other entertainment programs that were broadcasted before. I wonder how they could be so friendly among other idol groups. They seemed to be like at next doors but they aren’t. (Laughter)” (28yrs, female)

③ ‘Woollim Entertainment’s idol??!
“I’m a consistent lover. I liked ‘Nell’ who is affiliated in ‘Woollim Entertainment’. I was looking forward that there is a new group…. But it was an idol. I looked at them with affection since they were the same company’s family. I became a fan of them after hearing debut album track ‘Wings’.” (23yrs, female)

☞ Look straight, it’s because I dislike being not known♪: INFINITE is a regular idol in the entertainment world. They have many opportunities to show off their charms other than at stage. But there are other charms which only fans know. We heard about the behind stories.

① Their courteousness which amazes even bodyguard
“One of the charms among INFINITE is their courteousness for 24 hours. They have never been criticized with their greetings. They are greeting machines!? There are rumors that bodyguards avoid them since INFINITE keeps on greeting to them.” (24yrs, female)

② L born in 1992, 1980’s sensibility
“L’s has urban appearance. His stage name ‘L’ is classier than his real name, Myung Soo. But he has analog sensibility. For example, he collects every daily life with his camera. He likes to sing 1970~80’s songs by playing the guitar.” (24yrs, female)

③ Dong Woo is scary? Actually he’s a crybaby
“People say that Dong Woo looks cold outwardly. But one that has a little bit of interest in the group would notice that he’s the brightest member in INFINITE. He’s also one of the most crying member. He has sufficient sensibility. You may not find selfies of him closing his mouth.” (27yrs, female)

☞ You really shine♪: INFINITE has bewitched INSPIRIT with various charms. But why are INSPIRIT so proud of INFINITE? The first reason is due to their fan service. The next follows as their singing ability, guts, and vitality (?).

① Album? Famous song ‘PARTY’
“There are many people that became to like them due to their songs. They become fans hearing not only the title, but also all the tracks of the album. The representative entrance songs of them are ‘Wings’ (1st mini-album, 2010), ‘PARADISE’ (1st regular album, 2011), and ‘Lately’ (Digital single album, 2011). I think members’ sweet voices contributed to it.” (28yrs, female)

② Idols that made home by their own fortune
“They lived in old house which rain came in, but now live in multipurpose house. People can know INFINITE’s success when looking at where they live. They are not idols affiliated in main entertainment companies. But they finally became no. 1 artist with much effort. I’m so proud of that point since they came to this position.” (24yrs, female)

③ INFINITE that keeps on developing infinitely
“Members other than Sung Kyu and Woo Hyun didn’t get favorable comments about their singing ability. Sung Yeol sang only one line ‘Do you hear me’ in ‘Be Mine’. But he got more than 2 lines in ‘The Chaser’. Rapper Dong Woo sang the vocal part in ‘Back’. I could feel them that they have grown up after last year’s world tour.” (28yrs, female)

☞ Shower♪: It has been already 4 years since they have been fans of INFINITE. There would definitely be hardships being fans. But there is an old saying, ‘after the storm comes the calm’. Fans and INFINITE’s relationship has become closer after going through those hardships.

① When you’re having hard time, so do I
“When members lose confidence fans also have hard time. INFINITE had intense activities at first. They had 3 comebacks in 2011. But they have long break period these days. After long break period, members get anxious. They worry that fans might leave them, although we’re still beside them…” (24yrs, female)

② Sinking feeling with only one expression of them
“When there are rumors that are unwelcomed. I don’t dislike that relevant member, but have hard time imagining all the happenings that one has to bear. I feel sinking down when I see their faces hardened. I hope they recover from those hurts and experience more good things.” (23yrs, female)

③ Please put away those rumors
“When we act as ‘fans that cheer at the scene’, we do internet a lot. We get to know about rumors that don’t make sense. Partial fans injure INFINITE although they are fans. I hope they put away malicious rumors away and INFINITE won’t get hurt or care about those things.” (24yrs, female)

☞ As Good As It Gets♪: INFINITE are the leaders of ‘training-idol’. They send hearts to fans on stage. They stress that ‘fans=girl friends’. But they seem to be different below the stage? Never, ever. They were born as ‘training-idol’.

① Their greetings continue forever~
“INFINITE has once participated at an unofficial schedule. I worried that their behavior would differ from what I thought. But they bowed deeply to their waist to staffs and even to me that they don’t know. I still have that trust which was built then” (24yrs, female)

② Cares about fans’ purses
“Woo Hyun is a well-known member as training-idol. He doesn’t only train them but cares about fans sincerely. The cheering tool was mentioned when speaking with the person concerned at the waiting room. Woo Hyun said that time, “Why do you sell those at 15,000 won even when fans don’t have much money?” This voice got recorded coincidently in a self-camera. I was so touched with the feeling that our cordiality got confirmed” (27yrs, female)

③ Regards present as family treasure
“I had given Dong Woo a big bear doll. 2 years had already passed since then…. And I had forgotten about it. But the doll was displayed in the restaurant which Dong Woo’s father was running when I went there one day. It is said that he displays presents from fans where they are shown well in order to be caught in the camera or to be seen by many people. I really thank him.” (24yrs, female)

☞ My love wins♪: INSPIRIT has gathered by getting this special fan service. But INSPIRIT all said, “our love is bigger”. There was no condition than hoping INFINITE’s happiness and development.

① Your contributions were big
“INFINITE says that they have come until here thanks to fans. But it is difficult only by fans’ strength. It is due to their sincerity. Their first no. 1 song ‘Be Mine’ became no. 1 in September which actually was released on July, 24th. Wouldn’t it have been due to their continuous effort?” (24yrs, female)

② My love wins
“Members always say that they love fans. Maybe it is because they are thankful to us. How many artists is there that express gratitude to fans that much? Eventually, we are the ones that love them unconditionally. INSPIRIT supports them infinitely more than INFINITE expects.” (28yrs, female)

③ Please don’t skip meals
“Since I have been their fan for a long time, I don’t think they’re ‘handsome’. I get to see them gain and lose weight. I feel so bad at their skinny images these days. Especially, I hope they don’t skip meals and stop eating instant foods from convenience stores. Especially, L…” (28yrs, female)

④ Let’s keep on going as INFINITE”
“I hope they do music as INFINITE. Since they have been 5 years from their debut they would know what kind of music they would match with, right? When it fits them right, the public also responds to that. I hope they become artists that maintain their style, not being artists that are busy to gather fandom.” (24yrs, female)

Writing: Kim Hye Won (Dispatch)
Picture: Dispatch DB, Provided: Mnet, tvN, Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver (Original article here)

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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  1. heyheybabyhoya28 says:

    Infinite really touches the heart every inspirit. They usually say that they are not good enough for the fans but for us, whatever they do, they will always be the best and we will continue to support them ♥

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