[OSEN News] 141106 INFINITE F, releases teaser in surprise… Creation of ‘pretty boy unit’


INFINITE’s new unit INFINITE F has released teaser in surprise on 6th, 12 am.

Unit INFINITE F which is composed with Sung Yeol, L and Sung Jong released teaser of title song ‘Heart Beats’ through INFINITE’s official homepage and official YouTube channel. Since INFINITE had been concentrating on each member’s drama activities without music activities since ‘Back’ which they released in July, response of fans that were thirsty of INFINITE’s new activity news was hot.

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In the ‘Heart Beats’ teaser which was released this day, there were cool images of members riding hot-air balloon and natural charms of excitingly running around the clear field. Although it was just a teaser, it gave prominence to the team’s individuality with frank and bright charms of INFINITE F which is different from the whole-membered INFINITE and hip hop unit, INFINITE H.

Fans showed their expectation toward the teaser released in surprise by saying, “Is INFINITE F finally going to move? It makes my heart pump only with the teaser!”, “It gives mood that it had filmed kids playing excitingly than just a MV!”, “INFINITE F is good since they look natural!”, etc.

Their agency Woollim Entertainment noticed their preparation is all done by saying, “New unit INFINITE F that fans have been awaiting for a long time are going to be presented soon. Sung Yeol and L all finished recording album and MV work during spare times even they had drama shooting. We will be able to notice good news”.

Meanwhile, ‘GROW: INFINITE’s Real Youth Life’, which is a movie that contains INFINITE’s growth and youth, is going to be released on December 4th.
Picture: Woollim Entertainment

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Source: Naver

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