[Fantaken] 141105 Sunggyu – Sports World Hope Concert

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Credits: dinogyu, 아한추억, my only star, 수국과 안개꽃, 그린비, spotlight, in the snow, starry sky, strawgyu, deelight, 봄을 닮은 소년, kyuloveme, sprite, sunggyusglover, aube, sungkyuwoohyun-th, turning point, shine your light, sptgyu, acesica, cosmos, only__jjong, spring marchen, vivid k, 비밀, 좋은날닷컴, sevenway, lovelyday sunggyu, kimsungkyu.com, 헬로달링, 우현아까꿍, someone like you, 황금빛소나기, e_gyu89, douerky, 동우 time, yeolmybyeol, 나무를그리다, seven times, infinite studio, mare, biori_in_gyu, newt is love, kissing light, 우아한추억, fly high, load star 7, baby’s breath, sherry94, perfect emotion, shining moment, hey hello, lovely breath, the script, give my kyu, burning hoya, infollow, just stay with you, jabfan, semperlucete, kyutizen, lovesungkyu, seven wonders, 홀릭, ready for you, only jjong

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