[Info] 141226 Naver Starcast: “We have different ways”… INFINITE walks against the road for their photo shoot! by Dispatch


We’re INFINITE. We are a group that doesn’t have limits as our name, even at photo shooting.

One-way street doesn’t apply to us. When everyone goes forward, the group that goes backward is us.

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Chanel? Gucci? NO~NO~ We enough just for wearing Canada padding and rolled-up jeans. Why? Since we’re INFINITE.

Why should we do smoky make-ups on when shooting photo shoots? We’re INFINITE.

We have infinite postures too. Just press on the shutter when I move upon this street, since it would make a photo shoot instantly.

This is a photo shoot that makes you think outside the box….

We go the opposite way with everything.

Their music life is also the same. They don’t go the same way where others have walked. They are okay with slightly different way since INFINITE’s way is infinite like ‘infinite’s dictionary definition….
INFINITE walked the front of ‘NIT Coffee’ in Seongsan-dong backwardly. They looked back on 2014 by recalling their past and made a new-year resolution.
This is INFINITE’s backward photo shoot which you may have not seen until now.

– STARCAST by Dispatch

① SUNGJONG (21): SUNGJONG is the youngest in the group. He has young spirit like his 21 age. He’s just excited and happy. He is regarded as ‘frivolous SUNGJONG’ within his members, but it was an exception in 2014. He got more thoughts. He started to deeply think about what he is best at.
But he was bright on this day. He passionately engaged himself the most among the members. When he walked the streets, he took off his outer clothing voluntarily. He showed off cute charms toward his agency staff when a bitter wind blew saying that he’s cold.
His New Year resolution was just like him. He smiled saying that he would make 2015, a year of challenging.
“I have so many things that I wish to do. I want to be an MC of music broadcast. I also like entertainment programs that needs using body such like SBS-TV ‘Law of the Jungle’. I want to act if I have chance. I will cover up the ‘lemon candy’ acting by practicing more. Lol”

② L (22): 2014 was a year which made L grow up more as an acting-idol. He acted as Joo Sang Wook’s driving assistant in ‘Cunning Single Lady’ and got popular by acting as Shi Woo of group ‘Infinite Power’ in SBS-TV ‘My Lovely Girl’.
However, L did not boast. He rather was shy saying that he knows his shortcomings. He thanked at the given chance and said he would do his best in the future more.
He didn’t seem like talking formally since other members heard to L’s stories with ‘father-like smiles’….
“Acting is very hard and very attractive at the same time since I could feel various things by being another person. If I get other chances in the future, I will do my best more than I have done until now.” (L)

③ WOOHYUN (23): 2014 was special to WOOHYUN. He digested things constantly such as world tour encore concert, regular album release, and acting the main character in KBS-2TV drama, ‘High School: Love On’. But he didn’t only have happy events. He got injured while appearing in an entertainment broadcast and he sometimes got sad when the viewer ratings of his drama were low.
However, WOOHYUN was bright. He self-evaluated that he spent a valuable year than anyone else. He could provide publicity of his individual charms being out of idol group ‘INFINITE’. Additionally, he also conveyed his driving force that made him constantly run. It was fans.
The most impressive moment for WOOHYUN this year was February. He picked the world tour encore concert in Korea. He smiled saying he was the most happiest when fans called out his name. He was a ‘fan lover’ as we had known of him.
“I feel the happiest when I meet fans during the concert. Especially, I cried at the encore concert this year since I was so happy. I couldn’t stop crying. lol I think I’m a real ‘fan lover’.” (WOOHYUN)

④ SUNGYEOL (23): 2014 was also precious for SUNGYEOL. His individual activities were added more compared to last year. First, he actively acted as the main character in ‘High School: Love On’ with WOOHYUN. He seized girl fans’ hearts by taking the role of cold-city guy, Hwang Sung-yeol.
He also challenged to the first unit, ‘INFINITE F’ accompanied by L and SUNGJONG. They declared the organization at the concert stage in last February and prepared for about more than 10 months. They released their first single album, ‘情’ at the first part of this month in Korea and in last November in Japan.
Was it due to that, SUNGYEOL was always bright. He brightened up the streets of Hongdae with his angel-like smile that is his trademark. He gave off image of ‘elementary-student-like SUNGYEOL’ with his bright smile. He burst into laughter saying that he ‘extremely walked like in an entertainment broadcast’ while walking the streets and played mischievously.
“2014? It was sad but great. I think next year will be the same too. 2015 is the Year of the Sheep. Since sheep are warm… I will spend it healthily and happily with warm heart~.” (SUNGYEOL)

⑤ HOYA (23): 2014 was a year that sadness and thrill existed at the same time for HOYA. First, he had bad condition. We got his leg cartilage injured during recording a music broadcast. Due to that, he had to live on crutches for a while. We also couldn’t see him from the patent powerful perfect group dance for a while. Fortunately, he’s completely recovered from it.
“I performed by sitting during the summer concert. I wished to show great performance….. I was really sad that time. I was so sorry since many fans worried about me more than anything. Don’t worry about me since I’m okay now.” (HOYA)
On the contrary, he says that he also felt ‘thrilled. It is because family film ‘Heeya, We Go!’ (Director Kim Ji Yeon) is having its release in the first half of next year. He is going to officially debut in screen as a leading role. He had gone to the film shooting set for the first time and acted with veteran actors.
Fortunately, he took a load off from our minds. With his unique courteousness and sociability, he seized hearts of senior actors such as Park Chul Min and Choi Philip. He behaved the same this day too. He bowed down deeply to his waist to reporters and officials caring them kindly whether they weren’t cold. He was ‘generous HOYA’.

⑥ DONGWOO (24): DONGWOO regarded 2014 as ‘experience’. He says that it was a year which he saw and went through many things. He not only acted as group, but also did the featuring of an album track of rookie group, ‘Lovelyz’. He also challenged to entertainment program alone. He experienced the entertainment world by exploring the remote areas of Costa Rica in ‘Law of the Jungle’.
He picked the most impressive moment from ‘Law of the Jungle’ as expected.
“I took down my pants in order to dry it by the bonfire thinking the camera was off while shooting it. But the camera was on. OMG….. It was broadcasted as it was. I was so embarrassed and hilarious….” (DONGWOO)
What would DONGWOO’s 2015 be like? He anticipated it as the year of growing up through ‘experience’ as expected. The starting point will be the arena tour in Japan in next February. Also, he is planning on ‘INFINITE H’ activity with HOYA too. He conveyed that he wishes to grow up one step more as a singer.

⑦ SUNGKYU (25): 2014 was an important year for SUNGKYU since he could be more matured musically. As the group’s main vocal, he participated in world tour and regular album ‘Season 2’. He got casted in ‘Vampire’ musical and collaborated on the new album of senior Yoon Sang that he admires.
He would be indeed excited for his outstanding activities. But SUNGKYU wasn’t. He expressed his feeling by smiling widely when we asked him about his exceptional performances in 2014. He reflected on himself saying that there were clear moments when he didn’t do his best.
“2014….? It’s always sad. I feel that I could’ve done my best more. There’s an arena tour in Japan from February of next month. I want to show more developed image of me through the start of it.” (SUNGKYU)
Come to think of it, SUNGKYU has reversal charms. He looks gentle but actually he’s a member with strong passion toward music than anybody else. He was like that on this day too. He walked the streets leisurely putting on his mischievous unique smile. But he was earnest in the middle of the shooting. He asked for opinions after checking the photos meticulously.

Did they say, ‘the boughs that beat most hang lowest’? INFINITE was like that. Although they achieved eye-opening results as 5-year-old idols, their minds were the same. They rather had their ‘first resolutions’ even in this year and for the next year.
So that is why INFINITE goes backward.

They refuse to be ordinary!

They don’t walk ways like others.

They go one-way streets backward.

They make you think outside the box.

All is done themselves.

They pose freely


Literally, they walk in real way.

That is….


Even in next week,

“I Want U~”

“Back, Back, Back to me”

“Please look forward to the behind photos~”

Writing: Park In Young (Dispatch)
Picture: Song Hyo Jin (Dispatch)

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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