[Info] 141231 Naver Starcast: “Fan lover has appeared”… INFINITE gives New Year tributes to fans



They are famous for being fan lovers.

They say those presents are ‘tributes to fans’, right?

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They often give out surprise presents to fans.

The history of INFINITE giving out tributes to fans goes back at the time when they performed with ‘Destiny’. They gave rice cakes to fans as presents which they bought with their own money. Their elaboration of wrapping the presents by sitting at the corridor of the music broadcast waiting room outstood.

INFINITE’s catering car is also famous for tributes that were given to fans in history. They gave out rice-burger and carbonated drink coolly.

We cannot leave out mentioning those special days too, right? They gave out romantic sweets to INSPIRIT on the White Day.

They gave out presents to fans that came to cheer at the music broadcast on Christmas that was not long ago.

INFINITE’s tribute will be given out until the last day of 2014. They prepared grand ‘New Year tributes’ for the upcoming 2015.
INFINITE had appeared in Hongdae on 22nd for shooting . Do you remember?
They wrote New Year cards for INSPIRIT during the shooting. We release the behind stories of STARCAST photo shoot from now on.

INFINITE appeared by wearing comfortable outfits on this day. But fans started to crowd by noticing soon that they were INFINITE.
We could see the fan-lover aspects of INFINITE here. They didn’t get astonished when fans crowded them but shot hearts bravely.

“Who is this?”


“Then what? Shooting heart!!”

INFINITE started to shop cards at the stationery store. Their styles of picking items were different by each member. If there were members that put all the items in their baskets, there were members that chose items by comparing them one by one.

“Put them all in” (HOYA)

“I’m picking them carefully” (SUNGYEOL)

“I’m picking my own items on my own way” (DONGWOO)

“I’m picking my own items on my own way 2” (SUNGJONG)

“Image of thinking what to pick is also like a photo shoot” (L)

INFINITE members that were picking cards suddenly started to play mischievously. They got possessed by ‘beagle-idols’ and started to sweep around the stationery store. They also got possessed by hairdressers by holding up hairdryer and tongs…. They were going backwards as expected.

“Male should wear sunglasses” (HOYA•WOOHYUN)

“This is great for a photo shoot, right?”

“Ending with their image of doing things on their own ways”

“This is how we do in stationery stores!”

“We were taking a picture of WOOHYUN at behind but…”

“He burst into laughter at the leader setting a tree~”

Ordinary items become different if those are with INFINITE. The kept on doing things on their own ways. INFINITE had time for shooting photo shoots instantly by holding onto items at the stationery store. We started to zoom in good things bigly.

“SUNGJONG holding a flower”

“SUNGYEOL holding a flower”

“Mirror~ Mirror~”

“Who is the most handsome one of all?”

“90’s photo shoot style”

“Concept of lonely autumn guy”

After going around the stationery store like this… INFINITE picked up their cards. They thought deeply on picking them since those were cards for fans. We will now check those cards which INFINITE chose.

“Two Santas + Kisses xx”

“I wish all your wishes come true~♡”

“We wish you have full of happy hopes~”

“These are all contributed to INSPIRIT!!”

“You really don’t know my mind?!”

“I Love You~”

“Finished shopping”

After the long long shopping, they moved to a café finally. INFINITE wrote New Year cards for fans. They decorated them hard with colorful pens and stickers. We will release those messages written on those cards after a little while~

“Putting on stickers~”


“I have pen ink on my hand”

“How shall I start?”

“I’ve already written it”

“This guy is handsome even when he’s writing a card”

We will now release the New Year greetings of INFINITE. INSPIRIT, keep your eyes open widely. Pay attention~

“Isn’t it cold? 2015 is a Year of the Sheep, right? I hope you guys be warm like a sheep, be happy and healthy~.” (HOYA)

“I think we spent a meaningful year. We really thank you guys for everything! I hope fans would bear fruits in the 2015 on the basis of your experiences you had in 2014!” (DONGWOO)

“I realized that ‘Being healthy is the best thing’ while I was injured in this year. I wish fans that you all be healthy in the 2015!”(WOOHYUN)

“I wish you a happy New Year~”

Are you curious of those card messages which INFINITE wrote? We zoom up those cards right now~

INSPIRIT!! The New Year is coming and you will get a year older. Congratulations! ^^
I will wish you only good things would happen in the New Year. I will do my best in order to become INFINITE’s SUNGKYU who wouldn’t shame you guys in the New Year. Don’t abandon me. I will definitely become smarter and much handsome. I love you guys! (SUNGKYU)

Why I can be happy is because I can thank for being happy and born in this world where I could enjoy and feel it. This would be luck and wouldn’t it be the best moment?! I’ve waited for 2015! (DONGWOO)

Will you also accompany me in the 2015? Promise me quickly=_=!! I will make you happy in the 2015 so trust in me and follow me! >_< OK?? I love you♡_♡ (WOOHYUN)

I hope you be healthy and happy in the 2015! ^_^ Please be with INFINITE in the New Year too!!! I Love You!! (HOYA)

Hello, this is SUNGYEOL. I hope you be happy wishing you health and luck on all your work in the upcoming 2015 after the 2014 passes away! INFINITE will show you great images as we always have♥ I Love You♥ Ah, and don’t get a cold~♥. ♥ (SUNGYEOL)

Hello~ This is L!! I wish you be healthy and only good things happen in the 2015.. Also be always happy!! ※What I should do with INSPIRIT! 1. Looking at each other. 2. Walking together. 3. Smiling together. Happy New Year!!~ (L)

I wish you luck in the 2015♥ I wish your dreams come true >▽< Happy New Year♥ I love you. (SUNGJONG)

This is not the end. INFINITE conveyed, “I want to be like this in the New Year!”~ Shall we see what guys they would like to be in the 2015?

“Guy with new perfect charm which I’m seen over and over again”

“Superior guy”

“Do you like to possess me?”

“I’m more~”

“Sorry for being pretty in the 2015~”

“I’m an easy guy~”


“I don’t need a girlfriend since I have INSPIRIT~Hahaha”

[STARCAST Special Event- INFINITE’s New Year Cards]
If you leave comments, then we will send you New Year Cards written by INFINITE for STARCAST fans as 2015 New Year gifts!
– How to participate: Leave comments of sending 2015 New Year greetings to INFINITE.
– Due date of Event: Jan. 2nd, 2015
-Winner announcement: Jan. 5th, 2015
-Where to check winner: Notice at the below of this contents, Emails will be individually sent to NAVER account.

Writing: Park In Young (Dispatch)
Picture: Song Hyo Jin (Dispatch)

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


7 thoughts on “[Info] 141231 Naver Starcast: “Fan lover has appeared”… INFINITE gives New Year tributes to fans

  1. gloria p. andres says:

    hi im a fan of INFINITE…. HAppy New YEar to the group and stay healthy and give us more and beautiful music this year 2015…

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