[Osen News] 150129 INFINITE holds mega fan meeting ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’


Group INFINITE will hold a mega fan meeting ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ on two days; February 28th and March 1st.

INFINITE noticed about the fan meeting ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ that will be held in 2 years by releasing teaser video of ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ through their official YouTube channel on 29th midnight.

INFINITE successfully held a fan meeting, ‘INFINITE GATHERING’ having the form as a rally at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, 2 years ago and they will meet fans in a long time again through ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ that doubled its size although it will be held at the same place and same day of its first gathering.

‘INFINITE GATHERING 1’ that was held in 2013, has been evaluated that it proposed a new standard of a fan meeting by showing a fan meeting in INFINITE’s own exclusive rally form. It is also noticed that ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ is being planned to continue the characters of the first gathering and to narrow the distance between fans at the same time.

Especially, the teaser video of ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ that was released this day implicitly shows the memories that made fans cry and laugh by retracing INFINITE’s activities done for the past 2 years in order and simultaneously boosts up the will of fans to participate the event like a fan meeting held in a rally form.

An official of their agency, Woollim Entertainment revealed the importance of ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ saying, “‘INFINITE GATHERING’ is a place for INFINITE and fans to become one and cover all the activities done in the meanwhile, and a place to express the preciousness to fans.”

When the notice of holding ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ was released on this day, fans left comments of welcoming it such as “They are INFINITE as expected since they are opening ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ in 2 years on the same day at the same place”, “This gathering is so expected as well since the first one was so different from a general fan meeting and fun”, and “I will certainly go to ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ this year since I couldn’t go to it 2 years ago”.

Meanwhile, INFINITE’s ‘INFINITE GATHERING 2’ will be held for two days at Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul on February 28th and March 1st. Its pre-reservation for the fan club will be done on February 4th and the general reservation will be done on February 6th through INTERPARK.

Picture Woollim Entertainment

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Source: Naver

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