[Daum News] 150209 Girls Day Yura – Infinite Sunggyu, ‘Dating Detective Sherlock K’ as a couple


Girls Day’s Yura and Infinite’s Sunggyu are to appear as a couple on KBS Web Drama ‘Dating Detective Sherlock K’.

On the afternoon of the 9th, broadcasting personnel has told Asia Economy that “Girls Day’s Yura and Infinite’s Sunggyu has been confirmed as casts for the web drama ‘Dating Detective Sherlock K’ and “As they get closer to the main lead Han ChaeYoung, the filming should start in February”.

‘Dating Detective Sherlock K’ is a drama about Sherlock K’s story who is living as a man that hides her beautiful features. Sherlock K who is being played by Han ChaeYoung manages Healing Cafe, for the first time since her debut she’s dressing as a man.

Girl’s Day’s Yura will play the role of a star that is on the peak of her popularity, Sunggyu will be her lover who is a 2nd-generation chaebol* who is also a player. You can also see Han Chaeyoung and Yura’s charisma battle that gathers attention.

On the other hand, ‘Dating Detective Sherlock K’ will have about 8 episodes, and the broadcasting date is still on discussion

*Chaebol is basically someone from a rich family

Source: Daum News

Translations by: Nica for Infinite CHING-GYU

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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