[Osen News] 150427 INFINITE SUNGKYU, coming back with his solo album ‘27’ coming May in 3 years


Leader of a boy band INFINITE SUNGKYU revealed the title of his album and a teaser image prior to his 2nd solo comeback.

At midnight on April 27th, his agency announced his 2nd solo album comeback as revealing its title ‘27’ along with SUNGKYU’s teaser image on INFINITE’s official webpage (www.ifnt7.com) and official SNS.

In the revealed teaser image SUNGKYU is sitting down and staring at a camera with bit rough and untidy look which is different from an image that he showed as a member of INFINITE.

SUNGKYU’s alone image aroused the public’s attention toward his new album and it is indeed first collaboration piece of him and LESS photographer.

Woollim Entertainment reported “it is entitled ‘27’, and it expresses SUNGKYU’s thoughts and music of 27-year-old life that he is currently living in. his youth life story will not get any frill, it will be rather realistic and simple.”

On this day, as soon as the comeback teaser image get revealed fans got excited and happy saying “SUNGKYU once said that he will leave his company if they don’t let him release his 2nd solo album and maybe he really meant it, it’s now on its way!!”, “SUNGKYU’s first album was a masterpiece, can’t wait how great the 2nd one also will going to be!!” “Is it really going to get released?? It is my third year since I’ve been waiting for his solo comeback!!” and so forth.

Meanwhile, SUNGKYU publicized his comeback with his 2nd solo album ‘27’ teaser image is releasing the album in early May.

Picture: Woollim Entertainment

[Copyright ⓒ OSEN 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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