[Info] 150512 Naver Starcast: SUNGKYU’s story on composing his 2nd solo album [27]


SUNGKYU is singing passionately over and over again to record his pleasing voice for his second solo album [27]!

Two guys from a new unit called ‘Borderline’ did featuring for ‘Daydream’ which is a track of [27]. What is ‘Borderline’? It is a song writing team consisting of Tablo of Epik High and Kimg Jong-wan of Nell! The two masters gladly participated in completing SUNGKYU’s album! God may bless Tablo and Kim Jong-wan! ^^

SUNGKYU is singing with his eyes closed as putting his emotion into the music. Can you feel his emotion?

It is a day to record featuring part of the last track ‘Reply’! we visited a studio where the music record was holding at and could able to appreciate Park Yoon Ha’s beautiful singing voice. The song’s beautiful melody completed by a great harmony of duo’s charming singing voice ~

[A letter to STARCAST fans from SUNGKYU]
Hello Naver STARCAST families! I’m SUNGKYU!
Today, I’m greeting you guys as myself ‘SUNGKYU’ in 3 years of time and not as a leader of INFINITE.
I’m very glad that I came back to you guys with my solo album after a long hiatus since my last solo acts.
I spent lots time and efforts into making [27] to show you guys more matured look.

Moreover, my senior Kim Jong-wan of Nell whom I really look up to helmed [27], he helped me composing album including its emotion part and general feelings so I had really fun writing the tracks. Also [27] could have refined by Tablo and Park Yoon Ha, the two singers did featuring for some tracks included in the album. I really like to say Thank You for all of those who assisted me to release such wonderful record.

The first recording for [27] held a year ago. I didn’t know I would work this long for making this album back then. The first recording was on ‘The Answer’ and I had good feelings towards it. It was about a guy who he wants is nothing but this girl. I clearly remember how I recorded this song as dwelling on its lyrics word by word.

What I remember from recording ‘Kontrol’ is, I practiced my own in the recording studio before Kim Jong-wan came to the studio. When I was recording the song, it felt like I lost one piece of puzzle after putting all other 999 pieces of puzzle together. I felt like I was missing out on something and Kim Jong-wan arrived to the studio in the middle of the recording and he said he loved the song so I decided to include the track in my solo album. There were some people who asked me why the song entitled ‘Kontrol’ and not ‘Control’, do you know why?? I know the answer but I’m not going to tell you.

As I put tremendous amounts of efforts and time in recording and filming the tracks and its MVs to complete [27]! I hope my album can be a great supporter for those of you who are in similar age, and condition as me!
From now on it was SUNGKYU! Please send lots love towards [27].

Video•Arranging: Woollim Entertainment

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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