[Fantaken] 150228~150301 Sunggyu – Infinite Rally 2

DOWNLOAD – 192 pics UP


See also: [Fantaken] 150409 Sunggyu – ‘Fluttering India’ Press Conference

Credits: biori_in_gyu, in the snow, aube, douerky, turning point, ifntsecret, slowmotion, inspirit julia, bouquet, yeah, vivid k, 그리다규, first and last, seven times, hosoli0328, 손잡고 걷는 길, fairysmile sj, kim sungkyu bar, kissing light, ddalkyu, strawgyu, feat_kimQ, semper lucete, ifntsk, hosoli0328, 북두칠성, applemint, boom

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com

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