[OSEN News] 150713 Remarkable performance of INFINITE, who swept the 1st place of 7 charts with their new song ‘Bad’ and covered whole chart with their songs


Group INFINITE’s new song ‘Bad’ presented remarkable performance of sweeping major music charts as soon as they release it.

As of 7 am the 13th, INFINITE’s ‘Bad’ took the real time first place of 8 major music charts such as Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada, Genie, Naver Music, etc. including the biggest music website in Korea Melon. From some of the charts they have lined up their sound tracks of new album such as ‘Moonlight’, ‘Standing Face-to-Face’, ‘Love Letter’, ‘Footsteps’, ‘Up To You’, ‘Betting’, etc. with the title song ‘Bad’ on the chart.

The song ‘Bad’ that released on 12 am of the 13th, is a song with the lyrics about ‘I will put all of my efforts to you even if I know you are a bad girl’. It plays unique sound as a result of work by Rphabet who had produced unique songs of INFINITE such as ‘Destiny’, ‘Back’, and so on previously.

In addition, MV released together presented the song more mystic with gloomy mood. Unique directing of space with props like mirror and so on derived the captivating mood also. The members’ facial expressions and performances that indicate the mood of song throughly are also impressive.

Meanwhile, ‘Comes And Goes’ – Hyukoh, ‘If you’, ‘SOBER’ – BIGBANG, etc. placed on the high rank of the chart.

Picture: Woollim Entertainment Provided

[Copyright ⓒ OSEN 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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