[Info] 150715 Naver Starcast: “INFINITE is moving!”… INFINITE’s waiting room of 360 degrees


It is the first time ever seeing this kind of MV. If you turn around your cellphone, you can see left, right, top, and bottom all.

Can’t you believe it?


“Right, L • SUNGKYU ”

“Top, wow, it’s so fancy”

“Bottom, wow, it’s awesome”

MV ‘Bad’… will gives you the fun of finding members as you turn your phone.

“We have introduced a new technology for ‘Bad’ MV. It’s adoption of ‘virtual reality’. You can enjoy the video by turning your phone at 360 degrees.” (INFINITE)

Is there any ‘Inspirit’ who does not unsatisfied with ‘Bad’ 360 VER? You want to look around everywhere of shooting site? Therefore.we.prepared.waiting.room.3.6.0.
‘STARCAST’ crew had visited shooting site of ‘Bad’ MV in Namyangju, Gyunggido last month. We will make your imagination to be true from now.

“Hello~ I’m the youngest member of ‘INFINITE’ SUNGJONG. This is the place where we are shooting MV of new song ‘Bad’. Members are shooting hard at the moment. I will show you the site!”

▶ Let’s start with ‘Chorongi’ SUNGJONG. Feeling of ‘Real Men’? He was maintaining military discipline in shooting site as well. He was keep training by push-up whenever he has time.

“Real man”

“I came back”

“Charismatic. SUNGJONG.”

▶ Shall we move a bit to right now? Please pay attention on this speedy movement of hands. This is WOOHYUN who is number one soccer game player in ‘Woollim’.

“King of game, WOOHYUN”

“Korea is the best”

“It’s a goal!!”


▶ Meanwhile, shall we look at the left side? The owner of those anxious eyes is SUNGKYU. He’s waiting for the match with WOOHYUN. It’s the first time to see this beauty of nervousness. Dithering.dithering. SUNGKYU.


“I’m going to win definitely” (SUNGKYU)

“The result is?”

“WOOHYUN wins”

▶ Shall we look at the next door? HOYA is getting physical therapy before he shoots group dance. He had this injury on his ankle last year during broadcasting music show. He is getting management after that continuously.

“HOYA’s getting treatment”

“Don’t worry, Inspirit”

▶ Shall we go back to the next door again? SUNGKYU and WOOHYUN are completely lost in game still. You want to see other members, right? Let’s see L, SUNGYEOL, and DONGWOO in moving photos.

“Long time no see~” (L)

“Say ‘ah~’, Inspirit” (SUNGYEOL)

“Deep sleep, DONGWOO”

It’s up to here for INFINITE’s waiting room 360. Now we have prepared the thoughts of INFINITE towards this comeback in a video clip.

“Complete INFINITE are back in one year. We feel nervous and heart fluttering at the same time. We will really do our best. Please give us a lot of cheer, support, and love.” (INFINITE)

☞ If we talk about INFINITE, they are grading up ‘naughty idol’. We have prepared it for ‘Inspirit’. Here you go for comic behind version of ‘Bad’. You better close your eyes tight, INFINITE~.

“lipstick_where_did_you_buy_it?” (HOYA)

“fascinating.shooter.” (DONGWOO)

“I’m the Nam.Cute”

“Feeling good, Softy SUNG”

“I’m here, SUNGKYU”


News: Kim Soo Ji (Dispatch)
Pictures: Kim Yong Deok (Dispatch)

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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