[Info] 150802 Naver Starcast: “Mission! Tom~Possible”…INFINITE’s impossible mission?!


A kind uncle. Tom.
It’s Tom Cruise.

“Nice To Meet U”
Whom did he meet?
Why did he bow?
And, what’s that in his hand?!

Mission ZOOM-possible

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It’s 100% real situation. Perfect dancing group INFINITE and Hollywood’s super star Tom Cruise met each other. They claimed to be each other’s fan and greeted with big smile!
Therefore, STARCAST captured this historical(?) moment to show you. On July 30, ‘Mission Impossible-Rogue nation’ event was held and it was a really impossible mission!

Majestic pose! INFINITE’s charismatic image is greater than usual because they were the only idol group to be invited by Tom Cruise.
They were in charge of opening stage at the red carpet. New song ‘BAD’ was performed with powerful performance, and their perfect group dance was really impressive.

“Tom, are you looking at us?”

“Opening is~ possible!”

“We are not bad!”

Actually, INFINITE’s mission was something else. It was ‘Face with Tom Cruise and greet him’. They even prepared some special CD with autographs as well.
Most of 20s will adore Ethan Hunt(Tom Cruise) from movie Mission Impossible, and INFINITE adores him too. They were not different from ordinary 20s.

“We grew up with Mission Impossible series. We are huge fans of Tom Cruise, and it is so honor to meet him” (INFINITE)

“Tom Cruise, we are waiting for you” (WOOHYUN & L)

“Practicing SELFIE”

“Do we look great in the picture?”

Finally he is here. Even if INFINITE is a global K-pop idol group, they were just a group of fan in front of Tom Cruise.

“We watched Mission Impossible 5 together and seeing a main actor in the movie in front of our face was so unreal. It was more like a dream” (INFINITE)

INFINITE gave their 5th mini album ‘REALITY’ to Tom Cruise as a gift. Do you want to know Tom Cruise’s reaction? It was really great. He continuously thanks them while receiving each album.

“For You” (WOOHYUN)

“Wonderful” (Tom Cruise)

We can’t miss the photo. Right? INFINITE took a selfie tool to take a picture with Tom Cruise. 7 members and Tom Cruise gathered together to take a picture.
Maybe group picture was not enough for them. Each member took a photo with Tom Cruise. They said it’s a ‘must thing’ to do! Their fan work was so wonderful!

“We met Tom Cruise!”

“Smile~” (SUNGYEOL)

“We’ve been waiting for you!” (DONGWOO)

“Mission, Success!” (L)

“Me too!”

“It was really nervous from the beginning. When he walks up, we were so surprised by his mood and atmosphere. However, he greeted us with big smile and he was really friendly. We would like to be a gentle guy like him” (INFINITE)

Okay! Now, it’s time to check out their photos!

“I want to show off this photo with Tom Cruise!” (L)

“By the way, where are we?”

P.S INFINITE and Tom Cruise’s story ends here. On the same day, INFINITE took ‘Dispatch’ to their practicing room for ‘WORLD TOUR”!
The behind story of it will be released on August 4th!
Article: Park In Young (Dispatch)
Picture: Dispatch DB, WOOLIM Entertainment

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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