[Info] 150804 Naver Starcast: INFINITE world tour preview… “First time to seeing us with band, right?”


INFINITE is going to have 2nd world tour. What do fans expect to see?




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By the way, There is no space to dance in the practice room!

There are only instruments instead.

Also standing microphone.

What is happening in here ? ▼

“Actually, we have performed all of our concerts with band so far. We never performed with MR in the concert. Again, this time, we will perform with voices of 7 members only.” (L)

INFINITE is going to hold their 2nd world tour concert ‘INFINITE EFFECT’. It is the beginning of the global tour that is going to be held in Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park on August 8 and 9.

This concert is more special especially. INFINITE will play with all live band. They will have their concert without MR but with band accompaniment.

☞ Is it your first time to hear about INFINITE with band? Therefore, ‘Dispatch’ prepared this. It’s a practice room for world tour concert on July 30.

This is a bit unfamiliar look. If you expected sweating INFINITE, it’s opposite to your expectation. INFINITE was preparing for the concert with ‘voice’ instead of ‘dance’. They were singing with a band.

“The fans come along to hear our voice. We thought it’s not a manner to play MR. I want to let them listen to our singing voice as it is with live band music.” (WOOHYUN)

“Testing microphone” (SUNGYEOL)

“I will sing just like CD” (HOYA)

“High note through the roof ” (SUNGKYU)

“Charismatic DONGWOO”

You can’t even imagine INFINITE without performance? Seeing is believing. It is a band version of new song ‘Bad’. The arranged the song for this world tour.

Reveal a bit of it from STARCAST.

But, isn’t perfect group dance the first thing to come up in our mind if we talk about INFINITE? Therefore I asked on behalf of you.

“Can’t we watch perfect group dance this time?”

They say “do not worry”. They are going to show us upgraded group dance. We should watch good things as moving image, right? There you go. ↓↓↓

“Come back. Come back.”

“Be mine~!”

“Also there is ‘Bad’ too”

“It’s perfect”

Practice continued until late night. Are you worrying that they must be tired? Don’t worry. DONGWOO and WOOHYUN are making others laugh. So, the fun time continued ↑.

“I don’t know” (SUNGKYU)

“I will just sing a song”

“Who’s that behind?”

“I don’t have to see because it must be DONGWOO”

While WOOHYUN and DONGWOO are having fun, L has come closer. Then he stealed(?) the camera. We all know he’s good at taking picture, right?

“I am the photographer” (L)

“Exposure, good”

“Take it”

No wonder, he is really a photographer. L likes to take pictures. He published photo essay book with his photos that he took by himself in 2013.

The subject of the day was DONGWOO. He captured DONGWOO singing in the camera. You want to see DONGWOO captured by L?

“I am taking DONGWOO’s picture” (L)

“By the way, who’s the main character?” (DONGWOO)

“Who are you taking a photo of?” (DONGWOO)

“I am the main character” (L)

It is 1 am now. The practice has been finished. INFINITE is practicing for the concert everyday while having such a tight schedules.

☞ Here’s the INFINITE’s message to INSPIRIT for the last.

“It’s our 2nd world tour concert. We really have prepared a lot. To show you unconventional features. We are going to reveal the new song as well. Please keep an eye on us” (L)

“There are really lots to make you surprise. I have my own song to perform. Each member will perform special stages. Please come to see all of them~♡” (WOOHYUN)

“We are going to start world tour concert on August 8 finally. I wish you to support us a lot. It is exhausting summer. How about you spend vacation at the concert?” (SUNGJONG)

“It is the concert where INSPIRIT and INFINITE can have longest date together. Therefore the first thing to remember is safety. Let’s have fun together.” (DONGWOO)

“2nd world tour concert”(SUNGYEOL)

“Best stage” (SUNGJONG)

“I will show you all” (SUNGKYU)

“See you on the 8th”

News: Park In Young (Dispatch)
Pictures: Kim Yong Duck (Dispatch)

Source: Naver

Shared by: juvedelin for infinitechinggyu.wordpress.com


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